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Brand Overflow Discount Deal & Review – SEO Rank & Keyword Tool

All SEO tools compiled in one dashboard enriched with the industry's top features for everyone whether you are a small business or an agency.
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Brand Overflow Discount Deal & Review – SEO Rank & Keyword Tool

All SEO tools compiled in one dashboard enriched with the industry’s top features for everyone whether you are a small business or an agency.

Read full review of Brand Overflow at Digital Marketing Mind.

Brand Overflow used to be an SEO rank & keyword tool.

Now it’s a marketing data platform focused on making products that will help you succeed at digital marketing; the very core of their platform is being built around SEO.

Users primarily suggest Their features, they listen to the problems and issues that users face in their digital marketing, and they create tools to make their life easier.

They aim to be the ultimate marketing data platform; this includes every part of the digital marketing life cycle, such as SEO, Social Media, Content, Distribution &, etc.

They focus on integrating all the tools you’d need into one platform so that you can focus more on your business rather than chasing data from several tools.

100% of the features they are integrating right now are user suggested – that’s why their feature set will not be “finalized” and keep growing until they’ve covered enough ground.

Brand Overflow Lifetime Deal Review - Features Walk through & LTD Highlights

Read video transcript

In this video, we’ll be looking into a new SEO tool on the market called brand overflow.

In this video, I’ll be showing you what the tool does all the functionalities of it. And I will also be listing out the pros and cons, which I found out while using the tool.

I will be showing you a live demonstration of all the functions in this tool. Okay, now let’s get started.

Hi, I’m Alston Antony. Thank you so much for checking out this video.

This particular SEO tool is currently on a discount deal, which means you can get this tool for a reduced price basing upon your need from there are multiple packages you can select from that. If you want to find out more information about the discount deal and if it’s still available or expired, you can check it out by clicking on the link in the description.

Okay, now let’s get started.

First thing you need to understand before going to the software. Most of the time when we see lifetime deals, we won’t find mostly SEO tools on lifetime deal platforms because there is usually a cost associated with the running of the tool, for example, the server charges and if it’s rank tracking then proxies service and also if it’s collecting data from other sources API cost will be involved.

Due to this reason, we won’t find SEO tools on lifetime deals. Still, there are occasions where since due to the market is highly competitive, currently, for the SEO industry, Most new tools that come into the market will find it hard to capture the market.

Due to this reason, what they will most likely do it as one of their marketing strategies, they will offer the tool in a lifetime deal for a very short amount of period of time.

With the main focus on getting more customers to the tool and get create more awareness, due to reason, sometimes they can come into a lifetime.

Okay, without further ado, no more interruptions. Now let’s get into the actual demonstration and explanation of the tool.

You can see this is the homepage of the system. It is not a full complete SEO toolkit, similar to ahrefs or a semrush or Moz. It’s not like that because it does not offer advanced off-page statistics or deep capabilities. What this primary focus on is keyword research and also rank tracking.

So, now let’s get into the tool.

First, I’ll go through the tool functions so you can understand what’s behind the dashboard. Then I’ll explain to you the pros and cons, and I’ll give you my opinion.

Okay, now you can see this will be the dashboard of the tool.

The first thing I wanted to let you know is I am using this tool for the last 24 hours, and I noticed that the interface is high-speed. I also found the interface look more responsive and slick; it does not look bulky or compared to some other I have used so many such platforms in my experience.

Okay, now let’s get going to the different functions. The main one of the main functionality of this tool is ran tracking.

I had found this rank tracking to be reasonably accurate when I checked for the ranking I did check on the tool and as thoroughly as I checked that same thing in a private browser without look personal information. Hence, it gives us a non-personalized search result.

I checked with a couple of results, and I found it has been accurate on the rank tracking tool.

All you need to do is click on add new project.

You give the project name and domain which you want and target location, and as well as you can select the keywords you want to add.

Usually, you can type multiple keywords here and put a comma; it will add as a one.

You can add multiple at the same time, and it will show you the remaining count, this count will differ from the plan limits it will show here it starts from 50 up to 5000 keywords are available.

Okay, so once you do this and click on submit, a new project will be created one-two is something similar to like this; it autographs the thumbnail.

To open this project, you need to click here in that box, and it will give you a quick overview of the number of top three results I have.

If you’re unable to understand what these are showing, if I hover over it, it explains all this.

Once you added the project, it will immediately start getting these results.

It gives us a cool looking chart with a keyword, and it shows the current position and changes. It shows the visual representation for search volume and updated it shows the last updated day and also you. It shows which you are is ranking on which keyword.

If you click here, it will show you a chart of visibility on how the rank is progressing.

It also gives the option to filter keywords by like if you type it automatically for you to test all the keywords, please match those particular criteria you can delete it by here.

Some other cool things which I liked about this ranking too, is this particular option when you click on shop reports for when you’re using it for the first time it will be probably disable something like this so if you want to shout this.

This feature will be cool because When you click on enable sharing, and copy this link, let me go into a private browser where I have not logged into my account, but just check out this link as a viewer. This is a non-editable version where the person who is viewing this URL will not be able to delete it or make edits. Still, it’s entirely visual, where it dynamically shows everything happening with the ranking report.

So it gives us the option to it makes the report ranking report more interactive.

Finally, we also have an option to enable email alerts for rank tracking.

Okay, now let’s get into the keyword Module this will be much quicker compared to the previous explanation because that is the essential aspect of the two.

They gather the keywords using both Google Keyword Planner, and also the Google search, where they use Keyword Planner variations and Google search, they use auto-suggest related keyword cushions in the search page and even the associated terms in the Google page.

Finally, the people also asked the section on different search results. They use these data to get this keyword results.

Let’s take a brief look here it shows the keyword metric if you hover over any of these question marks, it will show you more details on what it will explain it you what it shows you.

It shows the search volume, average search volume, and PPC. This is not SEO difficulty but PPC.

These are metrics obtained from majestic and MOZ; you can see it shows the this is also keyword rank.

This is where your particular page is also ranking for not one. Still, multiple keywords it will identify whether this specific page is ranking for some other related by that you can understand whether this key page is targeting only one particular keyword, for example, this one is targeting only this keyword compared to other pages, where is it targeting different keywords so you can do an identity whether that is a good keyword you want to focus or not because based on this you can design the overall competition then you can decide out of it.

This is what these other terms are found using the also rank, which means these pages also tend to get ranked for different keywords like this.

So, it gives us the data, and you can export those listings.

Finally, it also shows the related keyword auto-suggested; this is where it used us that keyword to enter into the Google search bar and get all the relevant auto-suggested keywords and keyword terms all these you can check on these to get an idea relation similar keywords questions.

This is where it will find any keywords relating to the keyword phrase we type and see if there’s any question referred to, and it will show all this data. That is keyword data it you can to find out more about this to see how it useful you need just to keep digging on these different sections to get a better idea on this tool.

Similarly, now it has divided that keyword into single, various subsections. To get a similar keyword, you use this, and for example, just Let me type by one. So I can quickly show you what it looked like.

Similarly, you can see it now only indicating all the similar keywords it found through Google Keyword Planner, you can see the chart and everything samely if you go into that next one related keywords similarly, and keyword terms or the relations or you can see they have a different way of gathering keyword.

Hence, they gave us all the fun ways to gather keywords, keyword questions, all these things if you want to find questions related to the keyword for example, if I type here, it will show you the keyword cushions and auto solutions also same you can see your questions auto solution is also saved by gives us a Google search.

I will get some root ideas around two to three phrases of keywords then I will find all the ideas generates from all the various keyword tools and functions, and I will export all this into one Excel document, and I will remove duplicate.

I will make one master list from there. I will categorize all these things, and whenever there is advanced research necessary, I will come to this to go to a keyword tool to get more ideas that are how I do the research.

So, where if I’m using this tool for keyword research, what I would do is I would get the seed keywords then I will run that seed keywords through all these modules and get a master list from there I will move on to the advanced keyword research.

Okay. Those are the keyword ideas. This is the domain insight tab. This is where it gives us a brief overview of the domain insight on what are the statistics, and it, for example, if your site is a niche focus something like my website, we are it.

Sorry, we are my website is not a big website because it started a really niche market we are to get lat only show the lifetime deals for the users so it will not show me all of the data because it shows a basic overview of backlinks it has ranking you can see everything is zero because it is a small website for a niche community.

But for example, if you have a big website or eCommerce platform, let me give this one to see show you with it. I am showing you all the results. And you can select the country also here I haven’t picked it. So it will give me the worldwide results. I chose the metrics backlinks it as you can’t see the backlinks, that’s the critical point.

It only shows you the number of backlinks. You can’t see any of these data exported. And it shows the ranking Audience Insights, traffic trend coverage, traffic jazz, all these factors are shown here. I would allow you to see in an export button; for example, if I export it to be in an excellent PDF graphical way, that way, I can show it to the clients.

This is a SERP viewer. This is A cool functionality where you type in a keyword. So I can show you now these search results are a particular keyword search from this specific location we have given based on that it provides all these results.

You can’t see the backlinks, but you can see the count and other necessary information also shown here.

It also shows the top 10 websites also rank for similar keywords.

Now, personal pros, which I noticed this tool first, it’s swift, and also sleek UI you can see throughout this Video when I was using mood, I’ve noticed that it felt more comfortable to use the two, so that is a pro. And finally, the rank tracking model, I found it to be accurate; you can also do your research.

If you do does not have don’t want to buy the tool, but you want to see whether it’s useful. There is a free version; also, I think for a smaller limit.

It uses the Google Keyword Planner data, Google Search data. For the API competition values or metrics, it uses majestic and Moz, and also the documentation and a full message on to any user while using this tool.

So when I export in Excel from this button, I would expect to see all the columns but what I will say is not a fully completed datasheet, for example, You can see when I exported it, when I opened it, it just gives me the keywords.

Once I have done this video, I will also show it to the founder.

So if he improves more it or add new functionalities or with this tool, I will add this no changes to the video description so you can know about it.

This is a new tool, so when you’re going into this tool without any history or not a reputation for the brand name, everything is a new tool in the market. So you do your research, but it is a registered company based out of wales you can see it is a certified company.

So, you are essentially taking a risk, but that is how high most of the lifetime deal works because the only reason many client software company offer a lifetime deal is because they are want to get established.

So this is a new company, not a very well known brand or something like that.

So you do your research until you’re satisfied, but if you are planning to start using this tool immediately. So far, I have not found any potential roadblock on using this tool or bugs when I use the tool like stock or anything; it looks cool.

So basically, you need to take the risk if you want to get into this lifetime deal offer where but if you’re watching this video when this lifetime deal is over, it usually will be like a subscription base.

They are you don’t need to worry because you will be paying a monthly subscription for this tool. As long as you’re using it for the full potential, you don’t need to worry.

Currently, it’s on a lifetime deal. So if you are planning to get the lifetime deal, you need to get it now because when it expires, it will revert to the subscription apart from that.

This is not an entire SEO tool kit to use this software for all your SEO needs. For example, I do not have any off-page SEO capabilities to do link building, all the link research, and everything.

It only gives us the rank tracking and keyword So it will be a useful SEO tool in your arsenal if you decided to take this get this tool I hope I hope you guys have enjoyed if you have any questions in this tool or the video or any explanation just let me know I’ll try to explain to my best and if I get any changes to find out any changes to this tool or new features.

I’ll give an update on the video or I will also be updating on my is a lifetime deals website we are inspired are there is a review called brand overflow UI we’ll be updating all the changes it has been done so you can either find the changes in the video or you so one second thank you so much for checking out this video and I hope you will have a great day. Thank you

Live Example of Keyword Research to Find Low Competition Keywords

Brand Overflow - Live Example of Keyword Research to Find Low Competion Keywords

Highlights (TL;DR):

Interactive and super easy-to-use dashboard for everyone.

Share dynamic reports with a public link instead of sheets.

In-depth insights so you never miss a single opportunity.

Show more information

Brand Overflow Features

Rank Tracker

It is the SEO rank tracker to monitor SERP for your website on Google. Brandoverflow’s rank tracker does not use API and scrape SERPs directly, analyze, save HTML for verification purposes and extract data.

Their rank tracking supports all languages and locations (country, state, and city-level) to track SERP ranking even in your city.

I have also used the rank tracker for months, and I can confirm the results’ positions are very accurate.

The SERP position data also updated every day.

You can also export the ranking data to CSV or dynamic reports that show live data on every load, no more static reports, or old data; this one link will always bring in the freshest data from our servers and show it to your clients or colleagues.

You can enable or disable this feature from the dashboard; it’s disabled by default.

Link Tracker

Lost backlinks are one of the most significant problems for any SEO campaign, and this backlink tracking software will help you with that.

You can add your domain and all the backlink you have created to monitor daily, and it will keep on check it’s alive status and metrics.

Keyword Tool

This keyword research software for quick and straightforward keyword and competitor analysis.

These are the keyword data that comes directly from Google Ad Planner.

It will also metrics such as Cost Per Click, Search Volume & Search Volume Trend History.

It will list all the similar and related keywords from Google Adword Keyword Planner.

This tool will also show the top website ranking on Google with their SERP data such as Page Title, Meta Description, URL, DA, PA, TF, etc.

Keyword Generator

This is the advanced market keyword research analysis with topical segmentation research.

When you look for keyword ideas for your website, then this software will be most suitable.

Enter your primary keyword, and the keyword research app will generate all the intents around those keywords and then get related keywords via GOOGLE search.

You can find various keyword intent types, such as Keyword phrases, Keyword questions, Keyword comparisons, Shopping keywords, Education keywords, Local keywords, Keyword suggestions with alphabets & Keyword suggestions with numbers.

Ad Explorer

It’s a PPC ad analysis software that helps you research SERP competitor ads in Google.

This software will show ADs title, description, URL, rank, CPC, and more.

This is a great feature to optimize your PPC ads or perform market research for SEM optimization.

Question Explorer

This is a perfect research tool for content creators and those who want to rank for more question keywords.

They record and save all the questions showing up on all SERPs they process in the “People Also Ask For” section.

This shows the questions that have been ranked on alot of keywords; it means that google values any content where that question is answered, and this content is related to several other keywords that it can target.

Domain Insights

This provides more data on off-page SEO, market traffic analysis, SEO analysis, and alot more for the entered website.

This section will show different metrics, such as SEO metrics, Social metrics, Ranking metrics, Audience insights, Traffic trends, Geographic coverage, Traffic channels, Channel insights Search, PPC, Referral & Social & Similar sites.

SERP Lookup

It’s a quick feature that enables you to look up SEO SERP results in Google.

You enter a keyword and select location to get the top 10 results data.

It will show data such as rank position, webpage URL, Trust flow, Page authority, Domain authority, Facebook shares, Referring domains, and Backlinks.


How can BrandOverflow sustain itself in the competitive SEO industry? Also, isn’t data access is too expensive for LTD?

The official founder reply to the question. Most SEO tools fail soon because their access to data is heavily reliant on APIs; this is where we are different and makes us more viable. Most of our system is built on self-owned technology that doesn’t rely much on APIs – that’s our intellectual property.

We can scale it much harder and faster than other “tools” on the market.

Another thing I’d like to point out because we own most of the technology required to run the business, it gives us lesser expenses and more room to breathe and be creative.

That’s where tools such as Ad Explorer and Question Explorer were born. (I’d love to see any other platform in the top10 right now that has those) I’ve always focused on business sustainability – we survived the COVID drought on sales and everything because we were so lean.

Moving forward, we have the interest of several big VCs as well as enough funds already to last another year and support another 4000 users (on top of our current 4000).

Is it upgradeable in the future?

Yes, but with restrictions. Only packages that cost $299 and above will be offered a one-time upgrade opportunity.

The last plans, PR 15000 & PR 10000, are not up-gradable and confirmed it would only be available until 20 stocks after that it’s finished and not upgradable.

In the future, the maximum you can upgrade is PRO 5000, and also there is no payment plan for an upgrade.

Do sub-accounts get the same limits as the primary account?

At the moment, the idea is to give enough options to the main account so that they can decide how what limits to assign in sub-accounts so that you can tailor-make them as you require.

Along with limits, you would also be able to make feature-specific accounts where other platform features are disabled, and you give them more of something else like the keyword generator, for example.

Once again, these things are still in a brainstorming session; once we are in dev mode, we will email all relevant package holders and discuss how to take this forward, what issues they want to resolve, etc.

How does the credit system work?

Every search will consume one credit, and every keyword or backlink tracked will also consume one credit.

How does the keyword limit work on Rank Tracker?

One keyword + location combination uses up 1 keyword from your limits. When you make a project, it’s limited to one location, so each keyword in each project would cost 1 keyword from your quota.

Can we track keywords weekly instead of daily?

As of now, it’s not possible, and it only supports BrandOverflow.

Can I delete keywords/links and regain my quota?

Yes, you can delete keywords from projects, and it will refill your tracked keywords quota immediately so you can replace the tracked keywords at any time.

Do duplicate queries consume credit usage?

If you use any tool, it would be recorded in the usage; if you open the same query again, it won’t cost you any credits – you can view all your queries in the dashboard to view the same data also, but if you search it again freshly then the credit will be consumed.

What is the refund policy?

There is a 30 days refund policy.

Does the limit reset or rollover?

The SEO tools usage limitation is reset to 0 every month, so you can only use the tools that many times per month; each query costs one credit.

Is there a roadmap for BrandOverflow?

Yes, they have it, and you can view it inside the tool dashboard.

How does it compare with

Frase and BrandOverflow to compete rather than complement since BrandOverflow update their keyword generator now brings keyword data similar to frase. It does all the categorization and topic segmentation.

Brand overflow also has a separate tool function called “Questions Explorer,” which again similar to Frase but brings in more data. Frase is a more good content curation tool that can generate content outline templates to write articles quickly.

So if using it for that or other features that Frase provides, you can keep, but if you are only interested in Frase for suggestions, Brandoverflow can do it.

My suggestion is to sign-up for a brandoverflow free account and enter the same keyword in both frase and brandoverflow and see the suggestions to decide which is the right solution for you.

Will BrandOverflow will implement GPT-3 technology?

This is the founder’s reply when asked. We had ideas for an on-page helper that analyses the top 10 ranking pages for any given keyword and uses NLP (like GPT-3) to provide you with an outline of what kind of structure and headings you’d want – around 8 months ago but didn’t get any bites from users. Undoubtedly, if someone suggests it and other users back the idea up, I’m down for it.

How does it compare with BacklinkSEO?

BacklinkSEO confirmed that they are not looking into rank tracking feature, so in brand overflow, it’s the main feature to use it track ranking for your keywords. Also, in BacklinkSEO, you get an outreach component, and it’s not included in Brandoverflow.

I will not go into that feature since it shifts the focus from data marketing software. So I would say both backlink SEO and BrandOverflow will nicely complement each other in your SEO work.

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