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What is it? Your Own AI Assistant, Everywhere

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Your own AI assistant, Everywhere.

The 2Slash extension can transform any text field into a smart tool that generates emails, social media posts, comments, and more while also fixing grammar mistakes, rephrasing text, and even generating translations in seconds.

Activate 2Slash by typing “//” in any text field or text area and seamlessly integrate the results into your workflow to enhance productivity and achieve exceptional outcomes.

2Slash Highlights

  • Elevate your productivity with a tailored content creation tool that allows you to write emails, posts, and comments on any site.
  • Pre-written commands (prompts) to make your content writing an advanced and personalized experience.
  • You can instantly adjust the Tone and Length of your results to find the perfect answer.
  • You can build your own commands (prompts) to write or do actions on your own voice.
  • Access an advanced prompts library, where you can enjoy many attractive prompts to write content.
  • Enjoy contextual responses. Mark a text and reply, comment, or get it summarized in seconds.

Key Features of 2Slash

Contextual Responses

Tired of reading a long post or an article and you want to get the main points quickly? Just mark a text online and use the summarize command to get it fast. You are on social media and want to engage with meaningful replies? Just mark the post and hit reply to look clever, funny, or professional on social media.

Prompts Library & Marketplace

Access a library of advanced writing prompts for free. Our engineers have created helpful prompts to improve your online writing, with categories including Social Media Content, Email Writing, Blog & Content Creation, Business, SEO, and Testimonials & Reviews. The Prompt Marketplace will feature new and innovative prompts every week.

Create Your Own

Do you have a preferred writing style or prompt you must have on ChatGPT? You can now create a custom command and activate it in seconds everywhere you write online.


If you frequently write short online content such as emails, posts, replies, comments, or ad copy, 2Slash is the perfect productivity tool for you.

It streamlines your work, eliminating the need to constantly switch between various AI tools like ChatGPT. Get everything you need online in one place and experience working with the intelligence you need, when you need it, where you’re already working. It’s like magic!

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2Slash Yearly Deal

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