Beingo Lifetime Deal
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Beingo Lifetime Deal

All-in-one chatbot builder to fully automatically support your customers.
Expired January 28, 2021
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Beingo Lifetime Deal

Beingo is a no-code, drag & drop smart chatbot builder for web & mobile apps, it adapts your customer persona to automate natural interactions.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Automated & personalized conversations that utilize and adapt to customer inputs

Make smart decisions based on conditional logic.

Integrate with any third-party API or your applications

Auto-collect payment (multiple payment providers)

Show Videos, GIFs & Images with customers.

Ask customers their preferred day & time.

Check customer IDs, Selfies & Signatures.

Analyze and article BEINGO performance and customer behavior

Display products tailored to customer desire and choices

Locate users (longitude & latitude)

Customers can upload images, sound, training videos, PDF, PPT, etc.

Embed & connect to website URLs or deep links in mobile apps

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