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Betafi Lifetime Deal

In the product development process, user feedback should be the core, but it is difficult to collect and is disjointed.

Identifying users’ needs is difficult. It’s hard to tell if the product design or website you have will actually be used by people.

Well, it is especially true regarding developing your website or app that you need to spend money in order to make money.  

A good idea can be hard to come up with and even harder to get feedback from customers. A product can’t be a success if it isn’t getting feedback from customers.

Meet the Betafi Lifetime Deal

The solution is Betafi. Customer feedback and insights are captured easily with this unified user research platform. The Betafi platform helps you conduct usability testing and user interviews to validate products, ideas, and feedback.

By bringing the process of gathering and analyzing feedback to one platform, Betafi empowers companies to proactively uncover quality insights from talking to customers.

The Betafi platform enables you to capture aha moments instantly, share feedback in the voice of the customer, and find patterns across sessions.

You can bring feedback into the product development process faster by using leading design tools like Zoom, Figma, and Miro.

Betafi Features

By bringing all user feedback into one platform, Betafi helps you evaluate it quickly.

Through Betafi, you can easily understand your users’ perceptions, how they use your product, and what they’re struggling with.

By taking timestamped notes, bringing in your interview questions, and tagging insights as they emerge during the call, you’ll have no problem gathering feedback. In order to make sense of user feedback, you can review the recording, notes, and a multilingual transcript after the call. If you compare feedback across participants, tags, and sessions, you can see patterns.

You can test your Figma/XD prototypes and live websites with Betafi to understand how users perceive, use, and struggle with your product. Sharing prototypes and highlighting usability issues can all be done in the same window. By testing your designs on the right device, your participants will also enjoy an immersive experience.

Using Instant tags and Time-stamped notes, you can add feedback to any interview on Betafi. It is also possible to share an assessment of a candidate’s performance with another decision-maker in order to provide context.

With Betafi’s Instant Tags feature, you can capture customer feedback about pricing, features, or workflow as you demo the product. The relevant stakeholder can also be mentioned so that they can follow up on a customer concern. As well as observing the feedback being repeated by several customers, Betafi enables you to share that information with your product team.

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