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Are you a small business or freelancer struggling to manage your operations?

You may have tried to piece together different software solutions to try and get the job done, but the reality is that this approach is inefficient and costly.

That’s where Biznave Lifetime Deal comes in.

It’s an all-in-one cloud-based ERP software solution that provides you with an integrated system to effectively manage your business operations. With Biznave, you can easily manage projects, customer relationships, personnel, accounts, and more – all in one place.

Don’t waste any more time and money trying to piece together multiple apps when you have Biznave!


Comprehensive Project Management

Project Management App provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help users manage their projects with ease. It has Kanban and List views to organize and prioritize projects, as well as the ability to view project status, expenses, budget, and due date.

Additionally, users can add or remove team members and check tasks completed by each member. This allows for a more efficient and organized approach to project management.

Automated Business Management

Automated Business Management allows you to focus on the growth of your business and stay organized. It lets you keep track of the time, finances, leads, and other important tasks in one place.

Additionally, it provides features to manage sales processes such as creating and sending invoices, making payments, managing expenses, and issuing credit notes. This helps to streamline your operations and increase efficiency for your business.

Comprehensive HR Management

This feature allows employers to easily and conveniently manage various aspects of their employees’ HR needs, such as attendance, holidays, leaves, meetings, assets, documents, company policies, awards, transfers, promotions, and complaints.

With the ability to create, edit, and filter HR information, this feature provides a comprehensive system to track and manage all aspects of employee relations.

Automated Accounting and Inventory Management

This feature allows users to easily manage their billing and accounting tasks without manually entering data or worrying about taxation.

The system is designed to set and monitor financial goals, manage products, and automate taxation, so users can focus on their business and not worry about tedious accounting tasks. This automated feature simplifies the accounting and inventory processes and helps businesses save time and money.

Streamline Your Supply Chain with Biznave POS

Biznave POS is an all-in-one tool for managing all aspects of your buying and selling activities. It makes it easy to track and manage inventory, generate quotations, handle returns, and more. This allows you to save time and effort in managing your supply chain, freeing up more time to focus on selling your products.

Comprehensive SEO Reports and Tools

BIZNAVE SEO App provides a comprehensive platform of SEO reports and tools that can help businesses optimize their webpages for better SERP ranking. The reports generated are insightful, concise, and easy to understand, allowing businesses to quickly identify and address potential issues that may be preventing their webpage from performing optimally.


What can be managed through the project management section of a tool?

Project Management App can help manage projects, filter them in Kanban and List view, and provide an overview of project status, expenses, budget, and due date.

What can be managed through the business management section of a tool?

A business management tool can help grow the business on autopilot, stay up-to-date with time, finances, leads, and more, and manage various aspects of sales like sending invoices, making payments, managing expenses, and credit notes.

What can be managed through the HR section of a tool?

Through the HR section of a tool, attendance, bulk attendance, holidays, leaves, meetings, assets, documents, and company policies can be managed, along with awards, transfers, promotions, complaints, and other HR aspects of employees.

What can be simplified with accounting and inventory management?

Accounting and inventory management can simplify financial goal setting, invoicing clients, managing products, automating taxation, and tracking where money is going.

What can be managed with Biznave POS?

Biznave POS can manage all buying and selling activities, including managing products, tracking inventory, managing branches, and even the HR department. It can also record purchases, manage inventory, send out quotations, handle returns, and more.


Biznave is a cloud-based ERP software suite that offers seven powerful tools, including CRM, project management, HRM, accounting, point of sale, analytics, and SEO.

The suite aims to help businesses manage their operations more efficiently, streamline their processes, and make informed decisions.

With Biznave, businesses can focus on serving their customers and growing their business without worrying about the complexities of managing their operations. The suite is easy to use, affordable, and customizable to business needs.

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