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Blue Strawberry Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Blue Strawberry Lifetime Deal

Social Media Marketing Platform
Expired February 24, 2023
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Blue Strawberry Lifetime Deal

Despite your best efforts, you lack the time and resources to create amazing social media campaigns.

There is no strategic plan behind most social media campaigns. This results in them not getting the results they want. 

You need to post regularly to stay top-of-mind with your followers, not only because coming up with new content ideas can be hard. It’s even harder if you don’t have the time.

Meet the Blue Strawberry Lifetime Deal

A social media marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence helps you manage your content on social media. 

Moreover, you can easily post your content to all your social networks from the platform with its single post feature.

Blue Strawberry Features

Blue Strawberry uses artificial intelligence to generate social media campaigns based on your existing content. Our AI writes, schedules, and delivers your posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

There is no need for you to do anything else besides checking the posts, tweaking if necessary, configuring the schedule for posting, and selecting the pre-selected images or adding your own.

It’s easy to create a single post with Blue Strawberry’s single post management tool, and you can schedule it in advance or post it immediately. You can use it very quickly and easily.

You can create campaigns and edit posts using Blue Strawberry’s campaign management tool. 

Content can be planned up to 18 months in advance with Blue Strawberry’s flexible scheduling custom template. Post frequency can also be redistributed between 1 week and 18 months.

With the video generator, you can easily create unique video campaign posts from your posts or pages quickly and efficiently.

You can easily edit your social media images with Blue Strawberry’s image editing tool. You can control your social brand presence, for instance, by customizing your post images.

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