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Are you struggling to increase your website conversion, despite having satisfied customers?

Have you been looking for a reliable way to collect feedback and reviews, without having to manually ask each customer?

If so, we have the perfect solution for you: the Feedback Link Lifetime Deal.

This innovative product is designed to help you easily and quickly collect Google, Facebook, and other reviews and testimonials from your happiest customers, to help increase website conversion with beautiful “Social Proof” widgets.

Don’t wait any longer – give your business the advantage it needs with the Feedback Link today!


Smart Routing

Smart Routing is a powerful tool that allows businesses to accurately measure customer satisfaction. It enables them to identify any issues customers may be having and take action to address them.

It also allows businesses to customize their surveys to get the most informed and relevant feedback from customers. By taking advantage of Smart Routing’s capabilities, businesses can ensure that customers are satisfied and that their feedback is being heard and acted upon.

Beautiful Surveys

Beautiful Surveys provides users with a highly engaging experience, by allowing them to interact with surveys that are optimized for responsiveness, customizability, and modern design.

The feature helps ensure that surveys load quickly and look great, allowing customers to easily interact with the survey and providing them with a better overall experience.

Email/Text Invites

Email/Text Invites allows users to quickly and easily send out customized invitations for surveys and reviews. By automating the sending process and collecting social proof, users can save time and effort while collecting valuable feedback from their customers.

Wall of Proof

Social proof, or the idea that people rely on the opinions of others to inform their own decisions, is an incredibly powerful tool for businesses. By installing a Wall of Proof widget on your website, you can showcase your best reviews and testimonials, providing evidence of your credibility and helping to boost your website conversion.

Attention Nudge

Attention Nudge is a tool that allows website owners to display social proof on their website.

This type of proof could be testimonials from satisfied customers, statistics about the success of the website, or awards that the website has been recognized for. By displaying this social proof, website owners can increase their credibility and improve the conversion rate of their website.

Powerful Dashboard

This feature provides users with a comprehensive dashboard to manage their user accounts, send invites, and analyze data from responses. The dashboard is simple to use yet provides powerful functionalities to help users streamline their processes.


What is Feedback Link and how does it work?

Feedback Link is an all-in-one platform designed to help businesses generate positive customer reviews and testimonials while also redirecting any negative feedback straight to the business.

With Feedback Link, businesses can collect social proof from various channels, including their website, email/text invites, and brick-and-mortar locations, all on autopilot by seamlessly integrating with their current software.

How can Feedback Link help my business?

Feedback Link can help your business in several ways. It can help you generate positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, while also redirecting any negative feedback straight to your business.

Additionally, Feedback Link allows you to showcase your best social proof on your website through eye-catching widgets, such as the “Wall of Proof,” which can improve website conversion and credibility. The platform also provides valuable insights from customers with its sleek and customizable survey feature.

Can I customize my surveys with Feedback Link?

Yes, Feedback Link provides fully custom-branded surveys that allow businesses to add their own logo, colors, and branding. The platform also allows for complete customization of the survey questions and responses.

Can I send review and feedback invites automatically with Feedback Link?

Yes, Feedback Link seamlessly integrates with software you already use and allows you to send beautiful email and text surveys/review invites automatically. You can also automate sending and get social proof on autopilot.

Can Feedback Link help me avoid negative feedback getting lost on some online platform I don’t know about?

Yes, Feedback Link’s Smart Routing feature establishes a customer sentiment rating before deciding what to do with their feedback.

Your disappointed customers are routed directly to you, where you can deal with the issue personally. On the other hand, your most delighted customers can be asked to review on popular online destinations such as Facebook, Trustpilot, Google, and more.


Feedback Link is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to generate positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers, while also redirecting any negative feedback straight to their business.

The platform allows for complete customization of surveys, seamlessly integrates with your existing software, and provides valuable insights from customers. With Feedback Link, businesses can showcase their best social proof on their website through beautiful widgets and improve website conversion and credibility.

Don’t just have satisfied customers, have customers that promote your business with Feedback Link. Try it today and start collecting testimonials, reviews, and shares from delighted customers!

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