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mTap Lifetime Deal: Custom Digital Business Cards

Custom Digital Business Cards
Expired July 23, 2023
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mTap Lifetime Deal: Custom Digital Business Cards


Are you tired of having to fill out forms and share all your personal information every time you meet someone? Do you worry about your contacts getting out of date or inaccurate? Well, worry no more.

mTap is here to solve your contact information woes.

With mTap’s NFC-enabled digital cards, you can create a personalized profile with all of your contact information, social media links, phone number, website URL, and more – all stored securely on your phone and accessible with just a tap.

With mTap lifetime deal, your contact information is always up to date and easily accessible. No more filling out forms and carrying around business cards!


Share Contact Info

This feature provides a convenient and efficient way of exchanging contact information by eliminating the need for physical business cards.

With digital networking, users can quickly and easily share their contact information with their peers, allowing for more efficient networking opportunities. Additionally, the digital format helps reduce the amount of paper waste associated with exchanging business cards.

Share Social Accounts

This feature allows users to easily grow their online presence by connecting their social media accounts and having a single point of access to find new friends, followers, and connections. This makes it more efficient and convenient to manage different accounts and allows users to quickly expand their social media networks.

Share Payment Info

This feature allows businesses to collect payments from customers quickly and easily. By providing the customer with the option to use popular tap-to-pay apps such as Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or Cash App, businesses can save time and money by eliminating the need for manual processing of payments.

This feature also allows for a more secure and efficient payment system for customers, as the payment information is stored securely within the tap-to-pay app.


This feature is useful for businesses who are constantly meeting new potential customers, as it ensures that their contact information will never be lost or forgotten. By capturing this information immediately on the business’s phone, they can ensure that all leads are followed up with in a timely manner.


mTap Teams allows teams to efficiently engage with prospects by utilizing centralized digital profiles that are tailored to fit the team’s specific needs.

This feature is incredibly useful as it enables businesses to quickly and easily network with potential customers or partners, while providing them with the personal touch of customized digital profiles.


How can someone elevate their networking experience?

By sharing their contact information digitally instantly.

How can someone get more friends, followers and connections on social media?

By using a single tap to share their social media accounts.

What payment methods can be used to collect customer payments?

Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, or Cash App can be used with a single tap.

How can someone avoid losing a prospect?

By immediately capturing their contact information on their phone.

What is mTap Teams?

It is a tool that centralizes a brand’s digital networking with corporate and personalized digital profiles, allowing teams to engage with prospects more effectively.


In conclusion, mTap can help you elevate your networking experience, get more friends, followers, and connections, facilitate customer payments, and help avoid losing a prospect.

It is the perfect tool to unify and bring together your digital networking with corporate and personalized digital profiles.

Start creating and connecting today with mTap and feel the difference in your business!

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