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Imitate Email Lifetime Deal: Easy Email Testing

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Imitate Email Lifetime Deal: Easy Email Testing

Have you ever had trouble testing email flows for your software? It can be a real hassle to manage, especially if you’re using third-party software.

But fear not, because Imitate Email has got you covered!

This tool is designed to make it easy for software teams to test email flows across in-house and external users. With Imitate Email, you can test email delivery quickly and easily using their sandbox SMTP server. Plus, the embedded widget lets you see test emails alongside the web app that’s sending them, making it easy to test email-based workflows.

But that’s not all! The mailbox app lets you view your emails in HTML, text, or raw formats, and preview them across desktop and mobile. And with the team package, you can get up to 15 users provided, with 1 mailbox per user, 15 active widget users, 1000 daily emails, and 15 team mailboxes.

So if you’re tired of the hassle of testing email flows, give Imitate Email lifetime deal a try!

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