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Imvidu Lifetime Deal: Smart Video Editor

Smart Transcription-Based Video Editor
Expired July 22, 2023
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Imvidu Lifetime Deal: Smart Video Editor


Are you struggling to create engaging videos for your business that stand out from the competition? Are the current editing tools you use too complicated or slow for efficient and effective editing?

If so, it’s time to take control of your video production with Imvidu’s Lifetime Deal.

Imvidu makes it easier for you to create, edit and repurpose videos quickly and efficiently, so you can maximize your reach and engagement. With Imvidu, you can create stunning videos, even if you don’t have any prior video editing experience.

Get the high-quality videos you need without spending hours!


Auto Generate & Style Subtitles

This feature allows users to quickly create subtitles from an audio or video file, and provides the ability to customize the look of the subtitles with a range of presets. This is useful for creating professional-looking subtitles to accompany media files, as well as for creating subtitles in different languages.

Highlight & Snippet

With this feature, you can use text to quickly and easily highlight key moments in your video. This allows you to create multiple versions of the same video by highlighting different parts, making it easier to share different versions with different audiences. Furthermore, you can also use this feature to capture quotes or key moments in your video that you can use for marketing or other purposes.

Resize Videos Easily

This feature allows users to quickly and easily resize their videos into different shapes and sizes suitable for different social media platforms or channels. By saving time and providing an easy-to-use interface, users can quickly prepare their videos for different platforms, ensuring their content looks professional and optimized for each one.

Style in a Click

This feature allows users to quickly and easily style their videos with a few clicks. They can also save their own templates for future use, allowing for faster styling and a more consistent look. This is extremely useful for anyone who wants to quickly create videos with a professional and consistent look.


This feature enables users to quickly and easily transcribe the audio from their videos, and then download the resulting text file for further use. This allows users to quickly access the written content of their videos, making it easier to search, edit, or share the content. Additionally, the transcribed text can be used to create subtitles or captions, making the video accessible to a wider audience.


What can you do with subtitles in the Imvidu?

Auto generate and edit them like a Word document, and customize their style using presets.

How can you use text to enhance your video content?

You can create snippets, grab quotes, highlight key moments, or make multiple variations of the same video.

Is it possible to resize videos for different social media or channels?

Yes, you can quickly resize videos in square, landscape, or story mode.

Can you use templates to style your videos?

Yes, you can use pre-made templates or save your own templates to style your videos with just a few clicks.

What is the feature of transcribing videos?

You can transcribe your videos and download them as text files.


In conclusion, Imvidu tool allows for users to create subtitles for video content, use text to enhance the video presentation, resize videos for different platforms, style videos with templates, and transcribe audio to text files.

Through integrated features like these, users are able to more easily and quickly make well-formatted and professional-looking videos adapted to any platform or purpose.

Therefore, this versatile tool is a great option for those who create their own videos and need to make their content accessible, engaging and shareable.

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