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With Leadzilla, you can find hyper-specific contact details, create AI-assisted email icebreakers to turn cold leads into warm ones, and follow up on opportunities to convert cold leads into warm ones. You no longer need to use 80% of the cold outreach tools currently available on the market because Leadzilla removes them completely from your workflow and makes it easy for you to manage it.

Leadzilla gives everyday business professionals access to smart prospecting. Leadzilla is a must-have for agencies, solopreneurs, and team leaders. Leadzilla’s key features are outlined below.


  • The most common filters used to find contacts include the industry, the region, the number of employees, and the job title. Furthermore, you can refine your search based on advanced criteria, such as funding, technology used, and lookalikes of your current/past clients.
  • A patent-pending AI email icebreaker is used by Leadzilla. You can generate a custom email when you find a contact on Leadzilla. In addition to searching over 20+ data points, the platform also composes a smart email for you based on recent blog posts and podcast appearances.
  • Make smart prospecting decisions by using Leadzilla’s tracking feature. A Leadzilla notification will be sent to you as soon as a keyword is triggered. Your warm leads will never go unused because of this listening feature.
  • Personalized icebreakers written by AI. Artificial intelligence-based personality analysis for highly relevant email messages. We use more than 20 pieces of web data to personalize lines.

Why Select Leadzilla?

Why do we need another lead software program? You must be asking yourself that question, right? A lead generation and outreach tool can no longer compete with Leadzilla’s unbelievable technological prowess and patent pending technology. Furthermore, it simplifies your prospecting workflow by providing one straightforward tool instead of 3 – 5 subscriptions that were once very expensive.

I think we can all agree that if you have a team larger than five people, it’s likely that you had a programmer or data analyst scraping contact information on the internet for you. Using this tool, you can scrape contact information like an expert. The tool is also so user-friendly anyone can build a solid outreach machine if they know how to use a calculator.

Who Requires Leadzilla?

How do you increase your revenue and book more calls? Leadzilla will save your bacon if you answered yes. All types of businesses and industries can use Leadzilla.

Leadzilla even lets you capture the deliverables you need for your cold outreach or lead generation business. The Leadzilla system is the ideal solution if you need to book more sales or generate more sales leads.

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