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Linkcard Lifetime Deal

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Linkcard Lifetime Deal

Small and medium businesses can easily manage their business with Linkcard is the first enterprise-grade platform, on a global scale, that provides your company employees with the freedom to create, design, personalize and centrally manage their digital presence, harmonizing branding across channels and measuring success at the same time.

In addition to being one of the most powerful and versatile “microsite” builders on the market, Linkcard is an effective tool for marketing your company on a daily basis.

Linkcard is already used by hundreds of businesses and over 20,000 users, including multinationals and banks. Be unique, stand out from the crowd!”


  • Free hosting. By creating mobile pages that can serve multiple purposes, you can boost your communication
  • Connect your domain. All microsites under your brand should be up-to-date
  • Capture leads. Whenever a connection is made, leads are captured and downloadable from your dashboard.
  • Organize by folders. Linkcards can be arranged by company area, activated/deactivated, modified, duplicated or deleted.
  • Add Tracking IDs. Using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel, you can track all your Linkcard products’ usage
  • GDPR compliance. By ensuring the highest level of privacy and data security, Linkcard respects and protects your privacy.

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  • Get lifetime access for just $79 one-time payment.

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