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Mailman Lifetime Deal

All-in-One Email Management Software.
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Mailman Lifetime Deal

One of the most common frustrations of our digital lives is email. With a modern inbox as crowded as a busy city street, it can be difficult to find the messages that matter.

Mailman helps you find what you need with lightning-fast search. It lets you triage messages with quick and easy drag-and-drop actions. And it helps you take control of your inbox with powerful automation features.

This email manager is designed for companies of all sizes, from small online stores to large enterprises, and works seamlessly with your email service provider.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Prioritize Emails, Set Delivery Slots, Block Unimportant Ones, & More.

Do Not Disturb Mode to Hold Back All Your Emails.

Use it with All Popular Email Clients including Gmail.

Block Unimportant Emails & Add VIP List.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • Lifetime access to Mailman Lite Plan
  • Activity logs
  • Custom delivery scheduling
  • VIP lists
  • Custom Do-Not-Disturb period
  • Unlimited reviewing
  • Snooze your inbox
  • Single inbox support
  • Updates included

Get lifetime access for just $69.99 one-time payment.

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