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Remoty Lifetime Deal: PTO & Time Tracking

PTO & Time Tracking for Remote Teams
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Remoty Lifetime Deal: PTO & Time Tracking

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Are you tired of struggling to keep your remote and hybrid teams connected, productive and organized? Do you feel like meeting times are dragging on for hours on end without any progress being made? Do you feel like HR operations are taking up too much of your precious time and resources?

Introducing Remoty

It’s an async platform that enables effective collaboration in remote and hybrid teams, and helps you save hours in meeting times. Remoty is a PTO & Time Tracking for Remote teams, with a bonus of streamlining HR operations through attendance & leave management modules.

With Remoty, you can easily increase work visibility & streamline team availability!


Attendance Management

This feature allows team members to quickly and easily clock in and out for their shifts without needing to switch to a separate time tracking tool. This streamlines the process and makes it easier for team members to keep accurate time records.

By integrating with popular team communication tools like Slack, MS Teams, and Lark, team members can quickly clock in or out from any device, making it even more convenient.

Leave & PTO Tracking Management

This feature allows employees to easily and quickly submit leave requests through Remoty or communication tools like MS Teams and Slack.

It allows managers to be immediately presented with the relevant information, such as the total entitlement and remaining balance for the selected leave type, to help them process the request quickly and accurately.

Project Billing

This feature allows employers to accurately track the working hours of hourly workers on specific projects in order to generate accurate project bills and invoices.

This ensures that employees are fairly compensated for their work and that employers are able to accurately cover the costs of the project.

Work Visibility & Team Culture

Remoty allows organizations to get a comprehensive overview of their team’s performance with a web-based application or the /now command integrated into team communication tools.

The analytic dashboard provides an array of meaningful statistics to help organizations better understand how their team is performing.


How can team members clock in or out?

They can use simple shortcuts such as /in right from their team communication tools like Slack, MS Teams, or Lark.

Where can employees request leave?

They can request leave from Remoty or communication tools like MS Teams and Slack.

What information do managers receive when employees request leave?

Managers receive necessary information like total entitlement and remaining balance for the selected leave type.

Why should project-based working hours be tracked for hourly workers?

To generate accurate project bills and invoices.

How can Remoty provide a bird’s eye view of the team?

It provides a web application or the /now command in team communication tools, and its analytic dashboard provides all relevant stats of the whole team.


To conclude, Remoty is a great tool for teams of any size, especially those that need to track their hours, request leave, and get a bird’s eye view of the team.

With its integrated team communication tools, Remoty ensures that team members can clock in or out and request leave quickly and easily, and the manager receives all necessary information.

Furthermore, it provides accurate project bills and invoices for hourly workers by tracking their working hours.

Try out Remoty today and see how it helps your team manage their hours better!

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