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If you do not have a good voiceover in your videos, you will not get clicks, leads, traffic, or sales!

By using text to speech, brands can enhance end-user experiences while minimizing costs. In just a few steps, Speechnow enables you to turn any video, post, or ad into an audio recording. It only takes a couple clicks to add text, select voice and language, and wait for the file to be created. That’s right, it’s that simple! You can use Speechnow to create good voiceovers that tell the real story of your brand.


  • AI text-to-speech. Enhances the viewing experience of static content such as eBooks, PDFs, and other documents.
  • Life-like. You can choose from 800+ languages and voices
  • Easy to use. In a few clicks, you can convert text to speech
  • Any video creation software. The program works with Mac iMovie, Lumen, Avid Pro Tools, Ableton, Camtasia, and others
  • Easy export. The program exports audio files in MP3, WAV, OGG, and WEB3 formats

How it Works?

  1. Add Text. Add the text you wish to be transformed into AI speech to Speechnow
  2. Choose Your Voice & Language. Languages and voices are available on Speechnow in a wide variety, over 800!
  3. Create Your File. Upon completion, export your file in MP3, WAV, OGG, or WEBM if you are happy with the quality of your voice and reading!

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