TexAu Lead Generation Lifetime Deal
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TexAu Lead Generation Lifetime Deal

Growth automation platform designed to help you generate more leads and scale your business faster.
Expired November 15, 2019
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TexAu Lead Generation Lifetime Deal

Welcome to TexAu lifetime deal, Automate and combine growth hacking tactics to generate and contact new leads quickly and effortlessly.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Automate your lead generation funnel and save hours in data extraction, processing, and filtering.

Build a strong and qualified pipeline of sales prospects in minutes.

Connect social media platforms to enrich user data and optimize your ads.

Best for: Digital agencies, sales teams, and businesses who want to scale lead generation faster and smarter.

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TexAu gives you the various tools to transform sociable media data into fresh leads, automatically in one single place.

Thanks to it have an integrated growth platform, you will generate new leads, contact them quickly and effortlessly, enrich customer data, and stay light-years before the competition. No manual labor required!

Pick from 80+ automation across your selected sociable media tools, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Hunter.io, Quora, plus more!

Social media has a never-ending amount of information, and TexAu can help you uncover new, untapped opportunities to grow your connections and contacts exponentially.

Save hours (as well as your energy) as it pertains to data extraction, control, and filtering utilizing the drag-and-drop tool to create, qualify, and enrich a set of contacts in minutes.

Use data in one public media platform to execute an action on another. For instance, find someone on LinkedIn and glide to their DMs on Twitter. (Multi-channel action, baby.)

Search, filtration system, and go with automation to get started on working. Or get crazy and create complex workflows by joining several automation mutually.

Plus, you can use webhooks to trigger automation and also send data from TexAu to your favorite tool.

Prepare yourself to earn some serious brownie points with your sales force…

Build a strong and certified pipeline of sales prospects and enable them to reach the right decision-makers directly.

TexAu integrates with Snov.io, Hunter.io, and Full contact, allowing you to enrich data from your users and potential customers quickly and quickly-across any vertical and region.

Finally, TexAu’s dashboard makes it easy to keep your computer data organized and accessible.

Import, export, filtration system, edit, and enrich a set of connections effortlessly; and gain access to the results of your automation and workflows.

You can even add variables like cookies, URLs, usernames, or other frequent settings for easy-access and secure authentication.

TexAu Features

Automate your lead generation funnel to get light-years before your competitors

Get rid of manual functions that sluggish your business progress and give attention to building relationships.

Your company needs a scale

As a growth hacker, you are driven by a laser-focused love: you want to scale your business, and you should do it faster.

Manual processes poor you down

But almost all of your time and effort is wasted figuring out getting new associates and calling them manually. It’s a tedious process that drains your power and creativity and is also slowing you down.

Generate and interact with leads on LinkedIn

No matter where you find your leads: through search, because they work with a focus on company or because they have gone a touch upon a post related to your product, you can quickly and automatically interact and hook up with them: view their profile, endorse their skills, send an invitation or a note. It’s your decision.

Grow your Instagram followers strategically

Interact with the accounts that use your target hashtags automatically: like or touch upon their post, watch their reports, or follow them. Would you like to goal your competitor’s enthusiasts instead? No problem.

Transform your competitor’s followers automatically into yours on friendly media

Get all the followers from your competitor’s sociable mass media accounts: Twitter, Instagram, Product Hunt, Medium, Facebook Groupings, and connect to them to get them to follow you.

Enrich your computer data and find your prospects’ emails

Use our CRM to enrich your contact data and get new email messages from all the employees from the firms you’re targetting.

More than 120+ ready-to-use automation

Right now, you can select from more than 120+ automation on 15 different services, with a lot more in the works. With these, you may quickly find out untapped opportunities for expansion for your business.

Create complex automation workflows in minutes

You can create a complex chain of automation with this drag-and-drop tool in a matter of minutes. Workflows enable you to connect different services.

Get yourself a 360° view of your leads and contacts

We’ve integrations with Snov.io, Hunter.io, Full contact Lemlist and Zapier integration that will help you to enrich data from your users and prospects easily and quickly.

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2 thoughts on “TexAu Lead Generation Lifetime Deal”

  1. Avoid TexAu. None of the functions work properly or are reliable. You have to constantly log in and babysit recipes to ensure they’re working and cookies are still valid, which completely negates the time saving component of the platform. The recipes themselves are obscurely named and not organised in any way, so it takes a few tries to get your recipe right. Even when you do find the right combination, it will either use up all your time processing then fail on the last step, or a cookie will expire. They also tell you to use a proxy on recipes, which is a confusing process to setup through a third party and then buggy to add to TexAu.

    The support is terrible, and unfortunately I needed to contact them a number of times about simple things that just shouldn’t be an issue on a product that you pay this much for.

    All this said, the very WORST part of the platform is how they charge. It’s based on time as opposed to processing power. This would be fine if they were running servers with any real power, but it seems the resources you get are very limited. This is a problem, because a slower server uses more time for the same process. I was paying for 2 hours of time a day, which could barely handle one simple, limited Twitter scrape – something I’d expect a normal cloud server to handle in seconds. It seems like they purposefully run slow servers so that you burn through as much processing time as possible.


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