TigerVPN Software Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

TigerVPN Software Lifetime Deal

Make the internet a safer place with anonymous & unrestricted browsing.
Expired March 17, 2020
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TigerVPN Software Lifetime Deal

Privacy Protection, Unlock Georestrictions with +300 VPN Servers, 62 Cities in 42 Countries. Best Rated Highspeed VPN, Browse Anonymously & Encrypted, Hide/Change Your IP, Apps FOR ANY Devices.

Highlights (TL;DR):

  • Provides military grade encryption & privacy protection for all of your devices & gadgets
  • Maintains high connection speeds thanks to low latency servers w/ up to 10Gbps connectivity
  • Features native apps for Windows, Mac, Android, & iOS
  • Includes 15 VPN nodes across 11 countries
  • Gives you the freedom of protocol choice, including OpenVPN, L2TP, IPSec, & PPTP
  • Shields you from other VPN users w/ a NAT Firewall
  • Offers maximum security due to shared IPs (IP-Mashing)

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tigerVPN Features

No Logging, No Problem

Protecting our customers is our most significant task. Therefore, tigerVPN does not store any activity logs anywhere – period. Next question, please.


Operating since 2011, profitable and here for the long term. We generate income with the service we offer, and that’s it. Ask us anything if you’re curious.

Meshed IPs For Enhanced Privacy

We put together a couple of customers per IP. That’s like riding a bus along, but nobody knows one another, and from the outside, it’s just one single big bus, brilliant ai?

Anonymous From A To Z

We build everything inhouse, operate our very own network, servers, and monitor them at any hour. You can even pay with Bitcoins or send us prime rib beef steaks.

Shielded From Others (NAT Firewall)

When linked to a VPN server, you are shielded from other VPN users through a hardware firewall. It’s like having your very own self-driving car on a brilliant fast highway.

Super Strong Encryption

You get the best encryption in the marketplace, and we frequently test our infrastructure to ensure all is well. Snowden would be pleased with us.

Meshed IPs For Enhanced Privacy

Turned on, we will continuously keep the VPN connection alive and reconnect if required. Even if you keep coming back from flight mode or if you switch networks.


Encryption is designed for all devices, such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. Our plans allow multi-use so you can protect all devices at the same time.


Download HD Movies, watch UHD Streams, play games with low latency. We pay premium bandwidth to ensure you have crazy fast VPN connections.

Improve YOUR WEB Connection

Send your traffic through our network. We’ve seen massive improvements in both upload and download. Try us free of charge.

Recommended VPN

You don’t have to be it the guy from your office to have a fast, stable VPN connection. Our Apps analyze the best performing VPN automatically. Magic, isn’t it?

The 30% Rule

Our engineers have built tigerVPN to continue to keep 30% bandwidth reserved. This means, if required, we automatically allocate more bandwidth and resources.

42 Countries And Growing

We operate a global VPN network with 300+ Servers in 62 Cities covering 42 Countries. We don’t have Antarctica, because it’s too cold for our Tiger.

Own Infrastructure

While you operate your infrastructure as we do, we can ensure the very best quality, performance, and availability. Monitored 24/7, of course.

Full DNS Control

We operate our DNS servers; because of this, we can increase your privacy, and websites will open considerably faster than when working with third-party DNS providers.

SLA Monitoring

You can examine our network status at any hour. That way, you can see our performance is stable and that people deliver on what we promise a fantastic service.

Awesome Support

You can reach us from within our Apps, via Email, chat, and ticketing system. Be confident; our employees from support are sure to get you sorted out.

2% Donations

We donate 2% in our profits to NGO’s that manage those without a voice (animals). We help animal shelters, fund sterilization programs, and purchase adoption ads.

Fair Pricing

We are a reduced VPN service agency, but we believe security and privacy must go mainstream. So we lowered our prices too in regards to a Pizza monthly.

Karma Rewards

Much like your Frequent Flyer program, you can acquire valuable karma points and redeem them for freebies and other cool stuff. Everyone’s automatically enrolled.

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