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Twift Lifetime Deal: Send Bulk DMs on Twitter

Make Your Tweets Go Viral
Expired July 25, 2023
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Twift Lifetime Deal: Send Bulk DMs on Twitter


Are you trying to get more people to know about your product launches on Twitter? Are you struggling to get your tweets to reach the right people?

Twift can help you solve this problem and make your product launches go VIRAL.

By using Twift’s powerful DM capabilities, you can easily send DMs to everyone who replies to your tweets, and make sure they are engaged with your product launches. With Twift, you can increase your reach and make sure that your product launches reach the right people.

Try Twift lifetime deal today and see how it can help you take your product launches to the next level!


Automate Bulk Direct Message Sending with Twift

Twift is a tool that allows users to send multiple direct messages (DMs) with just one click. Instead of manually sending each DM, users can simply enter the URL of a tweet and compose a message that will get sent to all of the tweet’s followers. Twift does all the work for you, saving time and effort.

Utilizing Personalization Tags to Create a Personalized DM

This feature allows the sender of a Direct Message (DM) to personalize the message using personalization tags such as {first_name}.

By doing so, the message will contain the recipient’s name, making it appear more like a conversation and creating a more personalized experience. This is a great way to make the user feel more connected to the message and to increase the likelihood of them engaging with it.

Keeping Your Account Safe with Automated Algorithm Monitoring

Twift’s spam protection feature utilizes an automated algorithm to detect and prevent potential spam activity.

This feature follows all of Twitter’s guidelines on direct messaging, allowing users to remain in compliance with Twitter’s terms while also keeping their account secure. Twift’s algorithm will pause any suspicious activity and notify the user to ensure that their account is always 100% safe.

Automatically Track New Replies on Your Tweets

Twift’s new “Check for new” button allows users to quickly and easily add newly posted replies to their tweets to their existing twift stats. This ensures that the user is always aware of the latest activity on their tweet, allowing them to keep track of the conversations they join without needing to manually check each time.

Enhanced Customizable Messaging for Broadcast

This feature allows users to easily make changes to their automated messages that are sent out when creating a broadcast. Editing the message before sending it out will ensure that all messages sent out are consistent and up-to-date.


What does Twift do?

Twift takes care of all the DMing for users.

How can users personalize their DMs with Twift?

Users can mention the receiver’s name in the DM by using the {first_name} tag.

Does Twift follow Twitter guidelines on DMing?

Yes, Twift follows all Twitter guidelines on DMing and ensures users’ accounts are always safe.

How can users add new replies to their tweet on Twift?

Users can click the new ‘Check for new’ button on the twift stats page to add new replies to their tweet.

Can users edit the message they’ve set to be sent with Twift?

Yes, users can now edit the message they’ve set to be sent while creating their broadcast, and all DMs sent after editing will have the new message.


In conclusion, Twift is a great tool to automate and simplify the process of DMing on Twitter.

With Twift, you can personalize your messages by mentioning the receiver’s name and incorporate Twitter guidelines on DMing, allowing you to assure your account’s safety. You can also add new replies and edit the message you’ve set without restarting your broadcast.

The benefits of using Twift are clear – take advantage of Twift’s DM automation and personalization to stand out from the crowd and enhance your Twitter presence.

Start using Twift today to optimize your DMing process on Twitter!

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