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Voicetapp Lifetime Deal

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Voicetapp Lifetime Deal

Transcribing any audio or voice into text with up to 99percent accuracy in only three steps with Voicetapp, an extremely powerful AI speech to text transcriber. Voicetapp makes use of a deep learning method called auto-speech recognition (ASR) which is provided via AWS as well as GCP. 

It includes more than 170 languages and accents in audio recordings and 12 languages for live transcribing in real time. There are endless possibilities for use! From the creation of text-based content using videos/podcasts and subtitles generation to converting meeting recordings to transcripts in hardcopy …, it is possible to tailor your transcriptions to be exactly the way you require to have them.

Voicetapp includes:

  • AI speech-to-text converts all voices into text with a high precision rate.
  • The most recent ASR technology driven through Google & Amazon.
  • One hundred and more International languages to record audios and 12 languages that can be transposed in real-time.
  • Cloud-based. There is no installation or installation needed and it’s all on the internet.
  • Quick, simple sharing. Upload your file in MP3 or OOG, MP4, or WAV.
  • Unlimited usage cases. Podcasts, marketing content, Subtitle generation, Conference calls & more

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  • Get lifetime access for just $59.99 one-time payment.
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