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Woo Product Table Lifetime Deal
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Woo Product Table Lifetime Deal

Product Table Plugin for WooCommerce
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Woo Product Table Lifetime Deal

WooCommerce is the world’s favorite e-commerce plugin, and it’s no surprise why. With advanced features like built-in shipping capabilities and inventory management, you can save time and money by having everything in one place.

But how do you make your website look elegant and modern? How can you showcase your products in the best possible way?

Woo Product Table is here to help! This plugin allows you to create beautifully designed product tables for your WooCommerce site in a few simple steps.

With this plugin installed, you can showcase your products in an eye-catching way that will leave customers wondering how you’ve done it so elegantly.

No more struggling to find the product you’re looking for; Woo Product Table makes it easy to browse through all the available options and choose what suits you best.

Highlights (TL;DR):

It allows you to create attractive tables for the products in your store.

Customize almost all the things that you need.

Perfect for restaurant food menu, audio store, & online shops.

Advanced filter options for customers to filter products.

How it Works?

After installing the plugin, go to any category page on your site and start filling out the table with product data.

You can add new rows by clicking on Add New Row button or editing existing one using Edit link at top right corner of each row.

Once you’re done adding info about a particular product, click on Done button at bottom right corner of each row and you’re good to go!

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Woo Product Table Lifetime Deal

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