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We all know the power of Facebook Groups when done right for your business or in your niche.

It not only provides us with massive organic reach for your brand or business through Facebook, but it also enables us to engage & interact with your targetted audience.

However, you can take a few extra steps when approving new members to the group to get additional data that you can use for your business marketing.

I will let you know some of the ideas and how you automate the collection of the data from Facebook groups.

In this video, I will go through Groupboss, which is a Chrome extension to extract Facebook Groups questions data & emails and save it on Google Spreadsheets and also collect leads emails and send it to your favorite email marketing solutions (email autoresponders).

Facebook Group Questions Data & Email Extractor with Groupboss Chrome Extension

Read Groupboss video transcript

We all know the power of the Facebook group just because of its massive potential reach through the Facebook platform, and the unique opportunity presents to directly engage with your prospective members and customers through the platform.

But have you ever wondered how you could use the Facebook groups to collect relevant and useable data for your business? Or are you can collect leads or email addresses from a Facebook group to outside communication with your potential customers.

In this video, I will be showing you how you can gather relevant information from Facebook group and have you can store it in an available database, or you can save it in a Google Sheet, or I will also be showing you have you can collect email addresses or leads from this Facebook group.

You can either save it on Google Sheet, or you can directly communicate, connect with your favorite email marketing solution.

Okay, let’s get started.

Hi, I am Alston.

First, thank you so much for checking out this video. If you’re new to this channel and you would love to see more videos like this explaining digital marketing tools, or health full digital marketing videos, then make sure to click on the subscribe button and bell notification so you will get notified on new videos from me.

Okay, now I will be showing you how you can automate this entire process of collecting data saving into a Google spreadsheet and also to sending the email autoresponder through a chrome extension called Groupboss.

So first to get started There are two things you need to do. First, this is not a free plugin. It’s a paid plugin, but it does not add limitations; you have one price for a lifetime price. By the year when you’re watching this video, click on the link on the description to check whether this offer is still available for you or not. It is an unlimited Facebook group; everything is pretty much unlimited for just the price of $87.

There’s no risk involved because within the first 14 days, if you are not happy with this product at all, you can immediately return it, and they will return your full money. So now, let’s get started. First, you need to purchase this; then you need to go into the Chrome extension store and install the add on.

You come here and click on the Install button.

Since I have already installed it, it’s showing the remove; otherwise, we’ll show you the install option here you can click on it to Install.

Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is you need to go to whatever the group, either you are an administrator, or you have the option to control the group. If you’re just a member, you won’t be able to use this tool; you need to be an administrator of the group to be able to set this plugin up.

Okay, now, all you need to do is once you go into the group, you need to click on this group box icon, it will come up with this window pop up, all you need to do is click on the group which has automatically selected then it will ask you to enter optionally if you just if you want to save the data into a Google spreadsheet.

Apart from the dashboard, you can give the spreadsheet link, or if you don’t want to save it in a spreadsheet, save all the data is inside the group boss platform itself.

Just click on save and you. We’re done. But lets for the sake of this video, I also want to save this data or the questions I gather from this member’s answers to the data spreadsheet, all you need to do is go inside the Google Drive and create a new spreadsheet.

Create a blank spreadsheet, and you name whatever the name you want, and once you’ve done all you need to do is click on the share and click on Get a shareable link and make sure you click to anyone with the link can edit and click on Save.

Now it’s done; copy the link and click on done. Click on it again and select the group and give the document sheet you want. Click on Save. Now it’s done.

You can see that’s automatically done. And the first time it will ask the permission, you need to log in with the same GDrive account you wanted, click on it here, make sure to click on Advanced click go to the link, then it will give you the allow permission, and it will automatically sync now, okay, now it’s done.

This is an additional stage where if you do it by doing this, it will automatically save email addresses to your Google Sheet when the user provides but if you want to take an extra further step, where you want full 100% automation on email, you can directly set up the support for the top six email marketing solution.

Whatever the solution you want, you can click on it and make sure to add, and it will ask for the API key values and everything, when you set up these things.

Whenever Users request member approval requests to the group and gives us the email address, it will automatically send that email address to your marketing email marketing solution.

So now, whenever I want to approve the members, click on the go to the approval screen you would see a button with approved by Groupboss Make sure to use this particular button if you want to approve all at once click here. If you’re going to approve one by one, you need to click here. And if you click the just normal approval, this particular plugin won’t get executed, so make sure to do this.

Now, if you go into the dashboard of the groupbox, you can see automatically that information got recorded; you can see it showed me the questions which I asked and the answer provided by the user.

Also, if they already proved if they provided the email address, it would show the email address; moreover, we can even directly download it from you.

It will download a CSV data, or we can use this particularly table itself to filter that resource we are looking for we can make searches on it all these things are possible from here.

If I want to create a custom and lookalike audience to use in conjunction with Facebook advertising, I can do that also from this button.

Now when I go into the Google Sheet, which we created, you can see it has added a new record saying from which group this information was saved.

The profile ID and it also gives us the question, and the answer automatically recorded for the if you use two questions that will provide you with only the two questions records. You can see the email address has been automatically recorded, and the member name profile URL, everything is done.

If I click Approve all by Groupbox, you can see it confirmed, and I have just done all seven members. Now let me refresh it you can see it has done let me show you the multiple records correctly, you can see all these information on a whatever the information field was good at, or got added into the system immediately without any interactions.

If I go into the spreadsheet, you can see immediately everything was got added based on the information. So you can see, it might not be a big deal if you’re a group with just a few members, or you’re just getting one to two members a day but if you have a lot of member requests, let’s say five to 10 a day, and especially if you’re using asking custom questions, to this members, and you want to record in a usable and easy format.

Okay, I hope this video was useful. And if you would like to get this tool, you can get using the link that should be on the video description.

And also, I have published a detailed review on SaaSPirate for this tool so you can check that out the link will be on the description.

Finally, we also have a Facebook group where we talk about these digital tools to help your business succeed digital marketing discussion, so if you are interested in that, you can join it as we are a small community, but we keep on growing.

Once again, thank you so much for checking out this video, and I hope to see you guys in another great video.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Setup in 60 seconds – Save your brain for closing sales – 1 Click Extension Installation.

Lead capture – Lead nurture – Close deals & make.

Emails & Insights of your incoming group members.

1 Click Custom & Lookalike Audience – Spent less money on FB ads and win greater results.

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Some of the ideas of Facebook Group Marketing include:

  • When joining, ask for a customer’s email to be added to a newsletter or your funnel.
  • When joining, ask for the customer’s problem faced in your industry to understand your customer mindset.
  • When joining, ask for customer’s expectations to create a better product or offer better service.
  • You can also have the answers in the checkbox or radio button if you are looking to categorize the answers in a specific format.
  • You can use your members to identify lookalike & custom audiences in FB then target them too through Facebook advertising.
  • Apart from that, the limit is your imagination because it can differ from business to business.

You need to understand that Facebook does not store these answers, data, or emails once you approved the member requests, so when you click on approve or reject, you will lose all of those data, and you can’t get it back.

Every time you get answers, you need to copy-paste all the details for safekeeping. However, the problem is you need to store emails in your email marketing solution and data in and usable and safe place.

Otherwise, it will just be junk data.

How Can You Automate This Process With GroupBoss?

  1. Add the Chrome Plugin to Your Browser.
  2. Click on GroupBoss Icon From Your Browser Menu.
  3. Select the Facebook Group From The List.
  4. (Optional) Create a Sharable Edit Google Spreadsheet and Link it here.
  5. (Optional) You Can Connect Your Email AutoResponder.
  6. When Approving Member Join Requests, Select “Approve by GroupBoss” or “Approve all by GroupBoss.”

What Email Marketing & Auto Responders Does it Support?

  • MailChimp
  • ActiveCampaign
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • Lemlist
  • Sendfox
  • Moosend

Pros of Groupboss

  • No more copy-paste
  • Very easy to setup & run
  • Save the data in GroupBoss dashboard in filterable & search table
  • Save the data to your Google Spreadsheets
  • Automatically send the collected emails to your preferred email marketing solutions
  • See lead statistics and reports of your group members
  • One single lifetime price without any limitations
  • Unlimited Facebook groups and autoresponders
  • Support over the phone, training & access to an exclusive community

Cons of Groupboss

  • Since it’s a Chrome extension, it will not work on other browsers except Google Chrome
  • It will not work on the Facebook mobile app


It’s not a sophisticated SaaS software, or you might not have use for it you are managing a small FB group and do not care that Facebook deletes all the answers provided by your members when you approve them to the group.

However, if you want to store all the answers by your members safely, create a lookalike, and custom audience from them to use in Facebook advertising, and automatically send email leads to your favorite autoresponder, then Groupboss is the ideal solution for you.

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    • The apps are integrated now.

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      I am a good friend of the development team so let me know all integrations you would love to see and I will pass that message.



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