Inspector Annual Deal
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Inspector Annual Deal

Code execution monitoring built for developers to identify bugs and bottlenecks in server side code.
Expired November 3, 2021
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Inspector Annual Deal

Real-time tracking of your code execution performance and finding glitches and bottlenecks until your customers do so.

Inspector is a program for real-time tracking & alerting that allows developers to detect glitches and bottlenecks in their application before users come across the problem.

It takes less than a minute to get the backend completely integrated. You need only one order to install Inspector’s library in your program, then it begins to automatically track your application in real-time enabling you to detect unexpected actions at a glance.

You will be able to add output and error reports to every custom code block within your backend, thanks to Inspector’s libraries, and create a real-time image of what your program does on the execution period. It is supported by Laravel, NodeJS, and PHP.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Automatic Process Discovery

Performance Distribution

Prepackaged libraries

SaaS Integrations

Code Execution Timeline

Error Detection

Security & Performance

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How can I implement an inspector into my application?

Our integration library should be configured depending on the technologies that you have used to build your application. Installation and use takes less than one minute. Just one request and 2 predefined line of codes (copy and paste).

What are supported technologies?

We include legacy PHP and NodeJS integration libraries and pre-packaged Laravel and ExpressJs application integration.

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