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Kleptofinder Lifetime Deal

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Kleptofinder Lifetime Deal

What if we told you that your Instagram and website images have been used commercially by others? You don’t want them to get hold of this digital property without your consent, nor do you want them to profit from it.

Kleptofinder is a tool that helps you avoid image theft. It’s designed to track websites and social accounts using your images and report them back for copyright infringement. The process of finding the culprits takes minutes: add social platform, select the images you want to investigate, click on a single button-and viola! You’ll get all sites where your photos have been used without credit or permission.

Kleptofinder will provide you legal assistance and accompany you with the process if that is what you desire. It provides all information needed to claim back your intellectual property, while requiring no manual uploads or privacy risks. And finally, it utilizes artificial intelligence so time is not wasted when it comes to sorting through potential items of interest.

Highlights (TL;DR):

An AI tool that does the work for you, scouring the internet and finding pictures.

Clicking a button will present you with the list of websites where your pictures are published.

Uploading images manually is not required; the AI does the work for you.

Report copyright infringement to the Kleptofinder team, and they will remove it from the infringing acc.

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