MarbleFlows Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

MarbleFlows Lifetime Deal

Automate Your User Onboarding and Engagement
Expired October 8, 2022
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MarbleFlows Lifetime Deal

Within the first week, most people give up on your product.

When you’ve spent so much time and effort creating something spectacular, only to see most people abandon it in such a short period of time, it’s immensely frustrating.

Presenting MarbleFlows.

MarbleFlows is here to assist.

MarbleFlows helps you keep your users engaged and using your product from the start. It’s an all-in-one automated onboarding and engagement solution.

They’ve helped companies improve review rates by up to 50%, as well as boosting user productivity by 30%.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Help companies increase product adoption, retention, and automate their customer success journey with MarbleFlows, a user onboarding tool.

User tracking with contemporary onboarding flows, as well as being very easy to use.

Alternative to Stonly, Userlane, Userguiding, Userpilot, Appy Pie, and Heyflow.

Solopreneurs, small businesses, and enterprises that want to automate user adoptions should choose this tool.

MarbleFlows Features

Onboarding Types Available

Product Onboarding

Just as many firms pour too much effort and resources into user onboarding and engagement, they get terrible results.

Getting new consumers to stay is one of the most difficult tasks companies face today, and it’s no surprise. In reality, it might take up to 26 days for a new user to become engaged, according to a research by Localytics.

The answer is MarbleFlows. It’s an integrated onboarding and engagement platform that allows you to acquire new users quickly and retain them – all while keeping them coming back for more.

In-App Announcements

You want to notify your users about a new product or feature that you’ve just implemented, but you don’t wish to interrupt the pace of your application with a jarring modal dialog.

Modal dialogs have the ability to interrupt users and ruin their experience. They’re also not good for SEO, so they’ll waste time and resources.

For this situation, MarbleFlows is the best option. You may build in-app product announcement flows that seem and feel like part of your app with MarbleFlows. Creating stunning product announcement flows that your users will like is simple with its simple-to-use interface.


While you don’t have the expertise or patience to develop a nice looking user onboarding presentation flow, you must.

It can be difficult to come up with a presentation flow. You also have to make sure that your content looks good and flows smoothly from one slide to the next, not only coming up with original material.

MarbleFlows is a superb one-of-a-kind solution that allows companies to integrate presentation flows into their app with minimal effort, aiding consumers better understand and use the product.

Feedback Collection

Every company needs to collect customer feedback, although it might be difficult and time-consuming.

Customer feedback is critical, not only for improving your company but also for improving it. The difficulty is that most firms do not have the opportunity or capacity to deal with it effectively.

Collecting customer feedback has never been easier with MarbleFlows.

You can get feedback from your customers without any trouble using MarbleFlows’ survey builder.

App Navigation

It’s tough to build a frictionless, intuitive user experience. Before you even start developing your app, you must design and plan out its navigation flow.

Your users will be lost and confused within your app if you don’t have a well-designed navigation flow. Instead, they’ll simply abandon the application and go to another that’s more intuitive.

With MarbleFlows, you may build and generate an onboarding flow walkthrough for your app with ease. You may build stunning flows that educate your users about how your app works with its easy interface.

MarbleFlows Pricing Overview

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