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MeetFox Meeting Lifetime Deal

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MeetFox Meeting Lifetime Deal

Welcome to with MeetFox lifetime deal which is an all-in-one e meeting and appointment platforms with all the functions including booking, scheduling, integration, video conferencing, screen sharing, cat, payments, invoice and much more.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Make scheduling easy with a custom booking page and automated SMS and email reminders.

Host in-browser video conferences, automate invoices, and take secure payments.

Alternative to: Calendly and Zoom.

Best for: Freelancers and consultants who want a complete meeting solution for bookings, conferencing, and invoicing.

Video Review

Meetfox Review - Online Meeting Management Software System

Video transcript

Hi, guys, it’s Alston.

Today I’m back with another great tool that is currently on lifetime deal at which I have not purchased by any this tool before. So I’m excited to share this tool with you. It’s called MeetFox; what it does is an all in one online meeting and scheduling platform.

You wouldn’t believe me; it has so many features in a simple and easy to understand interface. That’s what I was excited about this tool and wanted to share with you guys this tool and the functionalities.

OK, let’s get started. First, the application is called MeetFox. It’s currently on lifetime deal on AppSumo, and the starting prices for the tool start from $59, and you can see they have not limited the functionality of the tool based on each plan.

Example: Stalking option only gives more users so rather than they are not limiting any features, which I liked about.

OK, now let’s take a look into their home page of the system so we can understand a bit more about what it is. You can see that you can schedule appointments, set online meetings, and also you can send the invoices, and there’s also an option to get paid for this meeting.

And all the features are included in MeetFox. For example, let me go into the features quickly; you can see they also full options on the schedule, and as well as they support both online meetings, and as well as the offline meeting, they can able to provide support and functionalities for both of these services.

It also has multiple payment options. To get paid through these meetings, and they include invoices and customization or refunding the money in case of cancellation, all these are covered.

So that’s what I will be going through in this video. So I can essentially show you guys how great this platform for me or this platform will be ideally suitable for you if you’re currently using something like a Skype or WhatsApp or any other web messaging platform that’s not a professional way to have meetings or appointments for a business perspective where we have to choose the time manually, we need to notify them manually but with what happens with Meetfox is when you set up your platforms, you can set up your availability of us on what time you are available, time duration, costs for different types of meeting, you can pre-qualify the meeting by using questionnaires and you can receive chat. It will be a standardized approach, and you don’t need to create a manual invoice.

It will be automatically created based on the number of minutes of the call and will be an option to have a video call & call without video.

It also has the option of recording video files and also sharing the screen a lot more features are there guys.

So it’s an all in one platform if you’re looking for a centralized platform for all your meeting needs.

OK, let’s get into the dashboard. This may be the dashboard home screen, but remember guys this screen you will not see first signing up for an account.

First, signing up for an account will be easy; you need to enter your email address & password.

Once that is done, they have a really easy to get started wizard where you can step by step you can enter your name you can enter your details, your profile details, your names, what are the introduction message you want to show it to your potential visitors who are looking to make a meeting with you, all these things will be shown in the wizard category.

Another thing is all the settings you make adjustments during the Getting Started wizard; you have the total capability to edit or change in settings afterward also so if you’re unsure about anything, you don’t need to worry you can we go always go back in it. I will show in this video the full walkthrough.

I also will show how you can edit or change any values which are set on during the getting started wizard.

So you can see this is the dashboard. Currently, the dashboard is straightforward and highly responsive guys, you can see in a glimpse it shows my upcoming meetings and what is the status and what time it’s currently in due.

It is showing whether it’s an online meeting or offline meeting and any other relevant information. That is the upcoming meeting; it shows the current future meetings which are coming up soon.

You also have there are several options like messaging the user or start the call will be available when it’s closer by to that particular time, and you also have to cancel the meeting option.

You also have the option to see the past meeting which you have performed you can see at what time the meeting was started and what is the type of the meeting the last chosen and the context detail. Also, we can see the recordings of the meeting if you want you can see when you click on this, it will download the recording for you if you started recording during the meeting process, all the basic details will be shown in this overview page.

OK, that is the basic way now let me show you the provide some excellent use case where they have shared proper user guide also, when you go there, you can see you have they have given all the basics stuff. For example, if you’re new to this, watch the demo video.

The second step, you can set a synchronize your calendar

The third step adds the payment details; try your meeting yourself, and you can start embedding.

So they give them a nice dashboard view a wizard kind of view. So you can quickly get started without getting confused.

That’s what I liked about this tool because they not only offer this great platform; they also actually tell us how to use this platform effectively to get started efficiently.

This will be the homepage when click on it leads to homepage.

They also have extensive documentation guys; if you click here, you can see they have written all the important stuff on everything good. Getting Started, scheduling, video calling, & payment. Everything is covered here. So if you get stuck up here, go here and search for a particular keyword, and you will be able to see whatever the topic is you’re stuck on it.

They also have a chat option here so you can start chatting here from here to talk with the support team from there directly.

OK, now let’s take a look at the other functionalities.

I will cover this booking link. Once I set up these things. This is basically it will take to the direct booking link which we are set up so anyone can use that link to book a meeting with us.

First, let me go into my services. This is my service, what that means is these are the different types of meetings available. You can set it up for your potential audience. So it shows all the important details on what types of meetings you can set.

You can configure the settings the first tab shows the actual URL, and this is the meeting link, we can edit this username from the profile, and I’ll show you.

What this means is this is the link once we set up all these meetings we need to do to the other potential audience, and they will be able to use this link to set up meetings with you.

There is also a search option, and also you can see there filters too, in case you have a lot of different services for the meeting.

You can see I have created a basic one called the introduction. Let me create another one.

Click here, and you can see it automatically shows with a template where it says, is it an online meeting or not? We can change the online meeting here.

Let’s say we can change to face to face meetings or both. Any option is available. You can see we can also choose the color here. If you want a different color for that meeting, we can have it here, and we can include a description of this.

We can set up a predefined duration, so it works as a standardized format from 10 minutes to the whole day you can select it up the way we want, it’s like 15 minutes, and you can see display start times so it will show on what times you want to display the start time.

So each and every 10 minutes showed you guys every 15 minutes every 30 all these options are available, and we can see on face to face, and I’ll explain it a bit later.

Once you fill out all these things, all you need to do is click on this checkmark, and you can see a new service meeting as been created with a video tutorial option.

You can edit it anytime you want. Or you can also duplicate it here.

There is also a delete option; there is also an offline meeting so you can see how it looks. Let me select another color and let me choose 60.

You can see face to face. Now I have created an offline meeting type which you can see from here itself; you can see the online it shows the desktop and offline, it shows a person icon so visually we can identify which one is which is accessible from here.

Those of the way we can set up the different types of meetings, and based on that, we can set timers and durations and start time-based on that all these options are available from my services.

You can see this seems I have selected a face to face meeting now It asks us a question, what is your location for the face to face meeting in that case, you can set up your address what you want to show it to customers.

I can set my address; once it’s done it will automatically show this detail when they select a face to face meeting.

Once that, then this is the second next option you can set up this is breaks.

For example, if you don’t want any disturbance before the meeting or after the meeting.

So you don’t want to show these particular time blocks to other users. You want to block it to prepare for this meeting.

You can set up it from here; for example, an online meeting can set time before the meeting start, and you can select a break after the meeting ended.

Similarly, you can also set it up for face to face meeting where you can select the face to face meeting what is the block time before and what is the end these will to block and no other potential or only can be able to book during this time zone.

This is the second, third option where it’s asking video automatically; do you want to accept all the meeting requests, or do you want to approve each one manually? If you are set up automatically when some potential customer selects a request a meeting, it will be automatically approved.

If not, what will happen is it will send you a message, or it will show you a notification on the dashboard. You have to manually approve that meeting to make sure that is confirmed, and you can include any additional message you want to show it to your customer.

If you have special requirements or unique procedure process, all enough necessary information to show it to your customer, you will be able to include all these things here, for example, let me put this is.

So you can include it, and you can click save, and it will automatically save all these things, and also it shows it says when the profile has been updated.

OK, that will be the basic services page now let me show you the questionnaires and this is something to pre-qualify your leads if you want to ask them several questions so you can either qualify them to be whether to have that meeting or do you want some details from your potential leads regarding the background of the meeting so you will be able to do some research or to learn more about the customer before and even come into the meeting because that can easily break or make the meeting successful.

So there is a chance here can see you can see add questions to the booking link to understand your client’s needs. So all you need to get started is click on Add a questionnaire this we can have multiple questionnaires and the dashboard so you don’t have an option to have only one you can have multiple.

So you can add questions like this and click on this, and it will automatically save. You have the option to edit, and we can name multiple questionnaires by selecting here.

Now let me go into this and assign this questionnaire to this introduction service.

Here you can see how we can select the portion of from here once you’ve done selected it all you need is click on checkmark now that that particular questioner will be saved for this service tech what will happen is when someone goes to this link and try to set an appointment with you, they will also be presented with this question had to fill up so they will be able to answer the required questions you want to ask them from them before the meeting starts.

So that will be the My Services page where you can set up all these different types of meetings with the customer.

The next one is calendar here; you can either synchronize your Google calendar or Outlook calendar, or they have an inbuilt calendar where they show what the possible meeting options and the whole overview of it are.

If you have a different calendar like Google or Outlook, what will happen if you have something booked or planned during a specific time zone these will be automatically blocked out when they are setting up an appointment with you.

So if you have a centralized calendar, it’s easy to use this function well because you don’t need to have separate calendar, you don’t want to have a particular time slot you all can all the edits can be done all the meetings can be set from the one calendar itself so you can synchronize it from here that is a calendar.

The next one is availability. This is where you can set up your availability on which time duration you are available for the meeting on each particularly. So you can be selected a year, and you can say select a start time and time all these options are available here.

In case if you don’t want a particular day for, I not included on Sunday, then you can ignore it then there will be no possibility to make a booking on Sunday.

My booking window is where you can say how far the meetings you can show the time so in how now in the future they can set up a meeting with you like my booking window is within four weeks or one week or even three months, so there are options for you.

They provided the option to pay using a credit card and also the opportunity to provide chargeable invoicing to you, and they can pay through offline methods.

So here if I want to enable the clients can pay by credit card so as soon as you fill all these things, clients will be able to pay through it, and once done, you can request a payout from here.

The second option is the credit card; the second option will be the pay later; you can include your company information, and as well as the additional information you want to show it your customer in the invoice, you can consist of it.

Currently, I don’t have a setup system, the customers have to pay for that meeting I only do meeting with the customer to qualify the leads or if they have any potential to have a startup meeting, qualifying meeting before I take them into a customer into our agency, so I am not charging them.

Here is the cancellation policy, like what was what kind of cancellation you offer once they booked, such as free no charge or flexible, etc.

The next one will be the integrations like how you want your booking, for example. Do you want a booking button in that case? Click here, and you can select the book meeting button; you can change all these elements, and you can copy this code, and it will create a booking button for you. And then you can use this on your website to make a booking with you.

The next one is an embedded scheduler where you can select the next, and you can copy this code and directly paste it on your website so it will automatically embed so they can make a booking with you.

The third option is a pop-up design that shows a button your website, and when the user clicks on it will pop up a scheduler screen, then the user will be able to make the booking with you.

So not only they get the direct booking link, but they also give the option various other methods too. This is sub-accounts in case you have multiple accounts one under one account, you can include it here and manage it.

Let me finally check the settings before actually showing how we can set up a meeting. This is basic settings; you can make this username, this is what will be used for the booking link.

So if you want to have a different name for the booking link, you can change it here. But make sure to go back and update all the places by copying the new booking link or getting the latest embed code because the old link won’t work.

So you can see it even shows a preview it shows out the booking link will look like, and we can include all here.

You have a profile picture, and you want to include it if you want a different profile, and you can change the password.

So that is the whole system. Now let me show you guys out if we look out; some can set up a meeting and everything.

Let me open up private mode.

I have a different laptop also set up so I can show how it works.

You can see this is the screen any potential interested in setting up meeting will know, they will see that your profile picture you have selected your name and where they want an online meeting or face to face meeting, they also have the option to send a message.

When someone sent a message here, you will be able to receive it on the dashboard.

So let me select I want an online, and it’s asking if you wish to set up a video tutorial or introduction meeting. You can see it’s automatically blocking all the impossible dates.

It automatically shows the period with a window that I assigned in a beautiful calendar view; it also indicates the timezone of the user.

Let me select a date, and you can see once I set up a date, it’s automatically asking on which time zone this is according to the availability I have chosen. Let me select and select next, and it’s asking the readers in the requester’s information and let me give a secondary email that I have so I can show you the emails this system sends out.

OK, they can include a mobile number with the international standard, and once they’ve done they once they click on, I accept the terms and conditions, and they need to click on Next.

Now you can see, please confirm the meeting for this time as being done shows the preview.

If they want to make any changes, they will be able to go back and make potential changes, and they can even leave a comment here like this and click on Confirm.

You can automatically see that it has been added to pending meeting what that means is since I have set up an approval before the meeting it shows pending if I have set up an instant approval, it will automatically say that it is ready & your sessions confirmed.

This is the mail that I will receive before the meeting gets approved. Here you can see you have requested an appointment with Alston, and the appointment is not yet confirmed.

You will be notified immediately when the appointment is confirmed. It shows all the details and the link. So that will be the first email they will be received before we even approve the appointment.

Now let’s take a look into my dashboard you can see it automatically show I have a new request you have a new meeting request, and it automatically pops up that meeting request here so I can immediately see my pending meeting request. You can see it says shows the details, and I can accept or reject it.

Let’s say I want to accept it and you can say it’s done you want to take Yes. You can see our meeting schedule has been successfully changed.

So if I go back to the requester, you can see this is this next mail I will be receiving.

You can see the meeting appointment automatically has been confirmed I can add it to direct to the calendar as to verify your request appointment. Here are the details so you can see all the details are shown here, and also they give the option to if you wish to make any changes to your meeting, go here.

Here you can send messages to your requester, and they can able to send messages to you. All these are possible and you can, there is an option to cancel it. Let’s say, for example, if you want to get started here, and it’s also showing it since it is getting started here that’s upcoming.

So it gives this excellent indication without loading the pages. Like an Ajax style where dynamically, it shows all the notification here.

So now, you can start the call by clicking on the start call button, and you can select other joins without video or with video.

Let’s select with video, and you can see I have started the call. He is not yet connected to the call.

So he is connected to the call. You can see his screen from the requester; a section for my screen is not visual; that is because my recordings application is already using my screen, so it won’t be possible to do multiple streams; otherwise, my screen will be showing here.

You can see we have several options; one of the requestors sends us a message. You can see, I receive a notification with a message from the what, and it shows me immediately on so, so we can have a video discussion at the same time we can also use our text-based communication method that is also possible. And you can see if you are facing any connectivity issues, we can switch the server.

You can see also they show the time which this meeting has been going on here.

You can mute your microphone or mute speaker, or we can turn the camera on or off, or We can make it full screen, or we can share our computer screen with the customer.

You can start recording if you want to record this video meeting you can record here, the other party will automatically get notified that the other party is recording this call so they will know about it when the call is being recorded all these things are possible.

You can end the call here from here. Let me show that also. When you click here, either we can pause the call to wait a few minutes with a click here.

You can see the call was completed this call was free for your client and he or she will not be charged that is because I am not set up any payment information I wanted to have all the clients meeting for free in case if you have different requirement you will be the system will take necessary action regarding that.

Once you click on close you can see now if you go into the past meeting, you can see I have old meeting details, and I can even message someone he liked following up after meeting or sending some link or something like that can do it from here.

Finally, since I’ve made a recording, it will show the recording in mp4 format. So I can download it from here; you can see click here.

I get a download request, and once I start the download, so I get the recording of the video calls itself, so that is also possible.

So it’s been a long video sorry because I wanted to show all the features and how that works like rather than just showing these other things I tried to make it like real life sort of situation as possible to show how you can work with this. Now actually, it will show to your customers and all these details.

Finally, let me also show you some messages like how you will be receiving a different confirmation message, for example, this is the message you will receive once the requested a meeting with you You can see all the details. And once you’re confirmed and an upcoming session is in place, you will see something like that.

This is a reminder you are meeting the test, and all these things are shown here guys, so I hope I was able to cover all the essential things, this is a great platform and simple but effectively really powerful tool.

So if you into an online meeting, make sure to check this out because it looks suitable for the business use case. So if you are interested in this tool, I would appreciate it if you would check out this deal through the affiliate link which I provided below. It will provide a small affiliate commission for me, but it won’t affect any to price, but it will support me, and I will be able to do more videos like this.

So thank you so much, and I hope this was useful and have a great day. Bye

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Meetfox Pros

  • Simple and Easy to Get Started UI
  • Alot of Help to Learn about the platform
  • Clean and effective email notifications
  • Ability to export sales call to .MP4 File
  • Supports audio and video calls
  • Awesome design for booking
  • Questionnaires to pre-qualify the leads
  • Automatic invoice based on call

Meetfox Cons

  • Some sort ringing the participant in case he or she forgot the call. (Currently, there are remainders in place)
  • Cname capabilities to our own domain

Overall this is a great online meeting solution now, and it can be a serious contender for all other e-meeting platforms which has high monthly costs. So if you’re into any e meeting and appointments then make sure to check it out.

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