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Interactive notification creator improves your customer lifecycle with growth tools to optimize user onboarding, retention, & revenue.
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Modal Forms Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Modal Forms review and lifetime deal is social proof, engagement, and marketing tool for your website or eCommerce store. It contains 20+ widget types for various purposes to accomplish multiple tasks.

In the video, this has been “Modal Forms” is referred to as “Lead Wink,” It’s because, during the time of this video recording, it was “Lead Wink,” but recently, they have rebranded it to “Modal Forms.”

Modal Forms Lifetime Deal & Review – Social Proof Tool

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Hi, guys welcome to my modal forms review.

First, thank you so much for checking out this video. I’m back with another video review of a lifetime deal I bought and also think it will come useful.

The tool which we are be looking for, we’ll be looking in this video, is called modal forms, and it’s social proof or car engagement.

It will show small notifications on your website or in your eCommerce store in whatever the position we want to show at different times.

It can be used as the feedback gathering tool to your website to collect feedback from you said interactive way.

On your website, if you don’t have enough space to show all the messages in different regions in one position, I use mostly use the content on the website sidebar.

All these different types of features which I want in one single place with the time duration delay or other criteria are limit.

Okay, I think I am clearly if you’re still not clear, go through this video it will come more easier for you.

Okay, let’s see. First, the deal is called modal forms.

Let’s check out the Deal page.

Okay, let’s take a look at the homepage, and you can see it’s an explanation when it comes to social proof. It provides us a visual interpretation of what the tool can achieve.

For example, let’s say, for example, it shows they can show notifications through this box.

Let’s say we want the visitors as soon as landed on our website; we want to point them to enter a specific content-specific page, certain product, we can do that using a series of notification and eCommerce stores to establish a trust for the user.

To show the popularity of certain products, we can confirm based on how many people have bought this particular product, or how many people are bought to commerce in the last two hours.

This will increase trustability. We also have options together that rating. We also have the opportunity to show the use of activity. There is also an option for show ratings, and neither one social sharing and GDPR or notification is also available and a form to collect email subscribers.

It can display any reviews are we gathered on Google Facebook on our independent platform, we can show it to the user to establish more credibility, we there is an also option to embed a video and getting a support contact option also available coupon is also possible they are also categorized into various other section you can check it out there what are the options available.

They also have integration for this is mainly for gathering the main part of the activity with a connecting to the purchase to these are integrations available year, and this is the basic plan everything. Okay, that’s it.

One thing which was a bit difficult for me is the lack of information on the landing page. That’s why I wanted to purchase a tool and to try to personally to see whether it’s useful for me or not. Okay, without further ado, let me go directly into the dashboard.

This is the dashboard, as you can see, that is a simple dashboard. I haven’t started creating a campaign, because I deleted the existing campaign and I wanted to start as a brand new so I can show it to you guys are we easily we can be doing it.

Let’s say, for example, the first option on the menu that is called install script. What this means is, before doing anything, we need to place a particular code into a website, which we want to show this notification.

We can include this website in a couple of ways. One, we can include it in the header, or we can directly edit the theme file, or there are so many plugins available to insert code.

If you are unable to find anything, please let me know in the comment section.

You’ve got free plugins to do that.

Okay, once you’ve added after a few minutes, click on the check activity button, then it will show you this domain has been activated on the that put this script has been activated on that particular domain day we know whatever the notification we create will be visible on that website specific domain.

The second entry on the menu is called the account.

This sub basic accounts page where it shows the details on our current package of mine and gives us some settings and profile options available.

The roadmap Let me open it, and support is also available from this menu.

You can see the roadmap of what has been planned here.

It supports multi-language supports email validation content localization target trigger, and you can also see the development they have some undoubtedly great function on the development on so you can see new widget teams, more emojis to rate with same stats directly to us.

So they are consistently developing this platform; that’s what interested me, and they also have ideas or silently included that is the link of this roadmap even in the description so you can have a more in-depth look into this.

Okay, that is the settings and any other additional settings when it comes to lead with now we can directly start with the first message box type.

All we need to do is to create a campaign click on the Create campaign. You’ll give a name for the campaign, and now we need to include our domain name that is copied.

You don’t need to include HTTPS was just the base root domain name and click on Submit.

We have created a campaign for a domain name, and we need to do click here, and we can also delete it by clicking on these three dots. And we can toggle the status. Let’s say, for example, suddenly; we didn’t want this campaign for a short time to be running on our side.

We don’t need to go into each campaign widget and make changes on settings to not show it we can click on here and it will automatically hide all the notification from Inside this campaign so we can create a different campaign.

We can use this and like, for a week we are doing a special discount sale or something like that. So, in that case, we don’t want to show our main notification process rather than we want to have a custom process that we can disable this and that for a week, then we can come back and rerun it.

That’s possibilities. Let me switch it on. Now. Let’s go inside the campaign. Once I have gone into the campaign, you can see it shows me the options for custom branding. These guys are providing custom branding; some tools might not offer sometimes they will say the social proof notification by this particular brand of the vendor

If you are unhappy, some people don’t like to promote other brands, which is understandable. Then, in this case, you can create your branding; you can create your brand name and URL will show this brand particular brand the widget. And you can see we can go back to the capitalist by this step, and we can also delete it from you, and we can create a new notification.

From here, let’s click on the Create new notification.

You can see; first, we have to give a name for the notification let’s take, for example, I’ll show you

Welcome message.

You can see there are so many types when you click on any of these things; it will show you a preview so you can see information is available if you want to show any coupon like styled which screen to a user.

We can show you that this is the branding, which I talked to you about.
This is the default one in case if we didn’t track it, you can edit it from the custom branding section and live counter the system The number of people who be your website for particular time we can be established at time, they must not need any external analytical integration because they will measure on our own.

Email collector option is available I latest conversation, basically what I showed all the things on the starting page can see, I won’t be able to go through a single digit because basically, it’s really simple. So I’ll be going through a couple of to show our exactly easy case to do it.

So first, let’s take the primary example of the informational widget, click on Submit.

Welcome widget for me with their options to edit it. Now I’m on the Edit screen you can see it’s currently off because I give us a chance to edit all these messages.

Just add triggers after that I can change the status to go live, then it will be visible on our website. For example, it shows gives this option to add to this so we can change it like and we can also take the URL if you want we can show the bottom of the icon we have we can also turn online.

We can use that, and it will be doing, and it also gives us an option we are the event this life has an excellent library you can choose any of them from this particular site and can use and let’s say for example in case when the US clicks on this message.

If you want them to redirect them to another site, you can show it here. So when they click on it, it will redirect the user to that particular page.

When we want to get the redirect to another product page or another main page that we are promoting, we can give the notification year the triggers option. This is basically on which conditions that display the message should be displayed. First, they are the trigger on all pages in case you don’t want it.

You can click on exact match to this particular you are in context this URL permalink starts with this is Good. Let’s say, for example, you are running an e-commerce site; you want to show this notification only on the product page. So we can use it something like to make sure that you are a contest slash product slash, so it will only show on the product page the disease to control the disability.

You can see they also have a difference; we can have multiple integrations here to show us multiple conditions.

Let’s go with the primary one display; this is the main three options available one delayed in tension, the second one is except intent, then the third one is called personal delay means be just to let them know after user comes to your website show this notification after this much seconds. Currently, exam two, and it will show the widget after two seconds.

As soon the user goes to close the website as any page as he goes up the browser to close the tab, it will show this widget. Finally, scroll personally let’s say we can define this percentage amount later.

For example, the old pages 100% off will be 50%. So I want to show this project only to the user who has grown to the upset 50 percent of content, then it will show this widget to them, that those are displayed triggered delay. And let’s say two seconds.

It is another option if you don’t want to keep on showing notification again and again to the US.

You want them to show once per session, then you can allow this thing, and it will show this notification widget only once per session.

If they are in small mobile devices and you don’t want to interrupt them with these extra features, widgets. You can disable them from yours; it’s available. And the third tab is displayed.

It is the other display duration. You can specify for how long you want to keep this widget appearing.

It is currently shown in five seconds, which means that the widget will be showing for five seconds before it’s automatically getting closed. We can edit it and display positioners also available in which section of our website.

Do you want to choose all the pretty much the pain choices are listed automatically listed here we can select that, and we do we want to avid display close button?

So we use a can close the widget or we don’t if we don’t want it, we can disable it. There is also a display Randy if we’re going to show the branding or not. We can do that. Customize, we can change the color of Title, Description background color all this up.

So you can see the budget is almost entirely customizable with the visual appearance as well as the table Medical aspect to do to make sure that we can get the Richard and the process the way we want.

So once we are done with this, we need to click on Submit, and it will automatically have created the widget with all the refined choices and options. You can see that’s been activated, but it won’t be available on the website because currently, it’s offline.

Make a sure website, this trigger is online, all I need to do is click on the Enter, but now it’s numbered. So before going into this, there’s also a statistic button so we can see the analytics and growth for each widget it will show you because I’ve just created this campaign.

There are no locks, but it will show you how many times it has been open. How many impressions decide has been counted, only up to dominate all this statistic will be shown here. And we can even add select by rage.

That is also setting option gives us from directors and the ability to make any changes. Let’s now look into the site to see how it looks. So we know how it looks. You can see after two seconds, it was showing this message for five seconds, and it will disappear.

So it shows Welcome to the south by right, and it shows the text we have given here and uses the icon at since I did not disable the power it shows I feel I wanted to our link here when I click here it will go. The reason it’s still not closing is that I’m interacting with the widget. So it will know that since the user is interacting with the project, it should not close it immediately. So good for user interaction.

So let’s say the user comes in even during the last second he comes the widget will keep on appearing It decided not to continue anymore. So that’s the platform. I’ll show you a couple of other widgets or thus, to display the leading example, but I won’t be creating because otherwise, it will take too long of a video.

This is easy value can I show you the fields for these options you need to edit it and you will be okay.

All you need to do is it will ask you the number what is the text you want to show, not number as it will show you. Let me show you to see easy for me since this is a feature which most of you guys will use it can see shows us, active visitors, now.

It’s all data should we count the data from last x minutes, so if we want to last five minutes 15 minutes data, we can display as 15. Let’s say we want to count all the traffic from the last 30 minutes we need to put it in the last 30 and 60 minutes 60.

So basically all those options and otherwise if same procedure grace triggers, display, customized options so there is no difference in it only in some places with small variations for example, in sign up this campaign and see how it looks like it does in the message it asking the place on the value it asked him to show the button text, it casting to show agreement if you don’t like, we want to give a link to the privacy policy, it’s an option available.

That is a different one. Trigger, the same screen Display can see, and customization was the same. And you can see there is a fourth new app called fifth new tab called data. Because it does come custom values, it gives us the option to add a direct source for the email integration. So, for example, you can see we can select a web book, and we can place the book of our favorite main subscribing platform.

We can include that URL what will happen is as soon as the customer enters the email and click on signs up, it will automatically transfer that lead to that particular to that email marketing solution. So we know it’s useful if even if you don’t have any email marketing solution which supports this data.

You can disable it, and many of the uses I enter the email address will be automatically stored on the data section. So it will show you that this new says register, asked for an email newsletter, join up through this email address it will show you, and you can add it through manually.

That said, let me go over five missed area the important widget that custom can This is easy basically like email collector, we include the big book of the e-commerce platform to show the show sales.

Video same with similar to informational widget social same, and you’d say this is some common elements which will be using so we can see the support for the primary platform, and it’s asking which you do we want to share? And, after that, everything is the same option. You also and We do a select random review, same opportunity as you can show a selected rating type, the name, and the message similar to information.

This is also an excellent widget for the app to collect feedback. You can go here, we can disable which images we want to show, and we don’t want to show and give a message and display all other options as same we can see the statistic on what they use as clicked. We know from which page they use as clips so we can optimize it according to that.

The feedback we received and cookie notification is also available for the score feedback. This is an alternative for emoji feedback if you want to have an emoji score-based system.

Request collector is also available to get in touch with the support team, countdown available if we are launching a product, new product or a discount, you can have a canvas widget with the con counting down any side so they will know to get notified, these options are available.

So overall for a necessary lifetime deal for social proof with unlimited possibilities on how you can use it this tool you can easy to spam your website which is not I am recommending but if you use this tool correctly with the correct intention and correct placement, it will be a vital recommendation tool to show social proof on your website to able to help your visitors and more fun.

So the potential is excellent with this tool. You can check it out yourself if you are interested.

Okay, so if you think modal forms is suitable for you, then it’s currently On lifetime deal with Lee defy, and I would appreciate to check it out through my affiliate link below in this description on the video.

I will be able to create more info videos like this in the future.

So thank you so much, and I hope to see you guys in another lifetime. Thank you

Highlights (TL;DR):

  • Display important information to your visitors.
  • Product purchase stats
  • Let your visitors rate the website.
  • Show recent actions that happened on your website or shop.
  • Collect user happiness levels by allowing them to express themselves.
  • Encourage visitors to share your link on social media.
  • Make your website GDPR compliant by cookie notifications.
  • Let users subscribe to your newsletter or email marketing.
  • Display customer testimonials to show social proof of your product(s).
  • Embed a video from YouTube to onboard users.
  • Request details from your customers to upsell or keep onboard.
  • Drive more sales by giving a coupon code at the right time.

Show more information

Modal Forms Pros

  • Very cheap deal
  • Possibilities are endless
  • Easy to use
  • Clean and simple dashboard
  • Support of Webhooks
  • Awesome roadmap ahead
  • Support is great and friendly

Modal Forms Features

HAVE MORE Leads, Sales & Feedback

20+ customizable pop-ups and interactive forms for your website.

Notify Visitors

Collect leads and display your call-to-action with custom triggered & mobile-friendly email collection, cookie notification, and video forms.

Show Social Proof

98% of visitors leave your website without taking any conversion action, leverage the energy of social proof to increase confidence and sharing.

REQUIRE Feedback

Collect feedback in multiple ways without disturbing your user flow. Add forms to payment success pages also to trigger whenever a user is going to leave.

Modal Forms Options

Unlock all our marketing tools, plugins, and pop-ups to engage, convert, and retain guests.

  • Information Bar
  • Image
  • Email Collector Bar
  • Coupon Bar
  • Button Bar
  • Email Collector – Image Top Block
  • Email Collector – Image Side Block
  • Call-To-Action
  • Text Feedback
  • Engagement Links
  • Information Widget
  • Coupon Code
  • Active Visitors
  • Email Collector
  • Latest Conversion
  • Conversion Counter
  • Video
  • Social Share
  • Social Proof
  • Emoji Feedback
  • Cookie Notification
  • Score Feedback
  • Request Collector
  • Countdown Collector

Overall, It’s an excellent weapon for marketing, but its effectiveness is dependent on the way we choose to use it. Use it wisely to have the maximum impact.

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