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MoovBuddy App Lifetime Deal – Health and Exercise

Relieve body pain, strengthen your muscles, improve posture & more with specialized exercises created by doctors and physiotherapists.
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MoovBuddy App Lifetime Deal – Health and Exercise

MoovBuddy is an entirely new exercise app. Every one of the exercise programs is prepared by doctors and physios corresponding to medical books.

Exercises are categorized by areas of the body (like back, throat, leg, etc.) and circumstances/situations (like at office, long vacations, gamers, post-natal, etc.).

With more than 60 programs and almost 300 exercises,** you can exercise anytime and anywhere you want.

With audio tracks instructions and tips, you can undoubtedly do the exercises accurately and effectively.

Besides exercises, MoovBuddy provides you evidence-based suggestions to avoid possible physical health problems.

At your workplace, you may be notified of correcting your wrong posture.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Feel better with the programs which are created by doctors & physios.

Adhere to your program, stay motivated with reminders & recommendations.

Keep tabs on your pain status, activity history & your functionality by enough time.

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MoovBuddy will be your biggest supporter to get you to feel physically better truly.

It isn’t only an exercise app; it is your motivator for being employed in your programs.

Ease your chronic pain (spine & spine, throat, shoulder, knee, hip), transform your position, and get strengthen detail by detail. Download MoovBuddy now and enjoy doing exercises in a customized way.

MoovBuddy helps with:

  • Top & lower back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Posture & balance
  • Office stretches
  • Hips, legs & legs
  • Shoulders & arms
  • Women’s health
  • Strengthening
  • Women Health Specific Exercise Programs (PMS, Kegel, Pilates)
  • Exercises for Office Hours (physical inactivity)
  • Exercises for Long Travels
  • Exercises for Gamers ( training, preventive exercises )

What is MoovBuddy For?

Again and Neck Pain

You could relieve your upper/lower back and neck pain with stretches in a manipulated and effective way.

Physical Weakness

You can strengthen your muscles with specific exercise programs. The issue degree of the exercises boosts detail by detail.

Balance and Coordination Problems

You can improve balance and stop dizziness by performing balance and coordination exercises regularly.

Posture Disorders

You can do exercises which help anyone to have better posture. Posture exercises assist you in kyphosis, scoliosis, and bad good posture.

Long Periods of Physical Inactivity

You could avoid numbness and stiffness that are caused by physical inactivity with simple exercises.

You can do the exercises at your office or even during a flight.


You’ll find exercises to relieve your pain throughout your menstruation/ PMS periods or pre/post-natal period.

Reestablish your wellbeing against specific problems.

Nerve Entrapment

You can undoubtedly do exercises to alleviate numbness, pain, and tinglings that are caused by nerve entrapment in the wrist, elbow, or shoulder.

Stress and Insomnia

You can prevent insomnia and stress with simple and effective stretches that can be done before sleeping.

Finally, sleeping such as a baby and be rid of your stress.

What You Will Find on MoovBuddy?

  • Exercise for Neck Pain Relief
  • Exercise for Lower and Upper Back Pain Relief
  • Exercise for Make Pain Relief
  • Exercise for Leg Pain Relief
  • Exercise for Chronic Muscle TREATMENT
  • Exercise for Improving Pose and Balance (Exercises for Neck Hump)

WHY MoovBuddy?


MoovBuddy provides you more than 100+ special exercise programs that are manufactured by DOCTORS and PHYSIOTHERAPISTS.

Our health team makes each program by considering the specific circumstance of related health issues.


The key factor in discovering the best result is performing your exercises continuously.

The iPhone app reminds your exercise time. Reminders are configurable.

Furthermore, MoovBuddy allows you to change incorrect habits, which might cause you a medical condition.

You can find a notification during sleep against Television with a negative position. 🙂


You can view your progress in the app. Your completion, pain, and functionality status saved to enable you to see activity results.

Reviews preferences are your decision, switch off when you don’t need to save pain level ever again fortunately that your doctor can also record your improvement in recommended programs.

About MoovBuddy

The very first thing that pushes us to produce MoovBuddy is to get people to feel physically better.

Every MoovBuddy user can prevent chronic musculoskeletal pain, limited movement ability, and physical weakness, which reduces life quality.

Providing a trustable, effective, and user-centered solution is our most significant criterion in this journey.

MoovBuddy is not the first step; it is built on our previous iPhone app Vexrob | Personal Exercise Assistant.

We bring together our experience and advancements in Moovbuddy to give you a better individual experience.

Our doctors, physiotherapists and sports activities trainers bring their expertise together to generate the best content.

MoovBuddy does not just offer you exercise programs also follow your activities.

We enable you to be encouraged with reminders and referrals.

You can try for free with the comfort of hauling each one of these benefits just in your pocket.

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