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Multimedia5 Lifetime Deal

Smart video creation platform that uses powerful AI to automate production, giving you fast, high-quality content for social media.
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Multimedia5 Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Multimedia5 lifetime deal and create customized videos for social media in only a few clicks.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Quickly turn blog posts, news articles, product pages, and plain text into high-quality videos optimized for social media.

Best for: Publishers, agencies, and small businesses who want to drag-and-drop their way to engaging social media videos.

Access millions of stock photos, videos, and soundtracks in the media library.

Use advanced AI to automate tedious tasks in the video editing process.

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Multimedia5 is an excellent video creation program that uses powerful A.I. to automate production, giving you fast, high-quality content for social media.

Through the Multimedia5 dashboard, you can make how you’d like to start making a video. Select from ready-made training video templates, media searches, and uploads, or inputting URLs and text-based content.

Most users will probably use the net webpage/blog post option, and Multimedia5 can’t make it any simpler.

Just input your content into the tool, and the A.I. summarizes it into person views for a ready-made storyboard.

The storyboard is automatically mapped with photos, videos, and graphics, all highly relevant to the bottom content.

That’s because Multimedia5’s A.I. can analyze over 29 different kinds of webpages to streamline the development process.

Relax while Multimedia5 manages scene duration, highlighted keywords, font size, and even a credit scene to be sure everything is cool with the laws of copyright. Just like that, you’re more than halfway done.

After an instant pat on the trunk, all you need to do is alter it.

Select which text from this article you’d like for your scenes, or write your own, and then drag-and-drop media from the library sidebar to meet your requirements.

After that, it’s only a subject of choosing words placement and music.

Hit the preview button to see how everything looks, add any finishing details, and your video is preparing to go.

Certainly, Multimedia5 gives you all the options you need using their extensive media catalog.

You’ll access millions of merged stock photos, videos, and soundtracks, plus templates to edit and make your own.

It’s all easily searchable with keywords, permitting you to refine results by specific styles or themes.

With resources like these, you’ll be creating professional videos with minimal effort.

If there’s one undeniable simple fact in the web Age, it’s that people like videos (maybe a little too much).

You might spend a great deal of money and time producing and editing your own, or you could let Multimedia5 handle the tedious parts for you.

Make things easier on yourself while offering individuals what they need.


Leverage AI, Keep It Simple & Share Great Stories

We believe everyone has a tale to share with through video, and you want to help you create it. Enter any Keyword or add your script, or enter any URL for supported webpages (articles, products, images), the platform understands video recording creation process in the manner human video company does.

Access An incredible number of Image & Training video Footages from World’s Leading Providers

All you need to set-up high-quality professional videos, anywhere & anytime, all in a single place. Our Mass media Library contains an incredible number of License-Cleared, first-class H.D. images, and videos, and it is appreciated at over $20 million. Choose as many videos and images as you want to bring your account to life.

Make Your Videos STICK OUT

Complete editorial control with essential intuitive simple, yet powerful editing tools to enrich and give your video content unique style. Automated results and transitions that help tell your report in an eye-catching way.

Explore Our Curated Royalty-Free Music Library

Our curated library of royalty-free music provides you the polished feel of the top production properties. All our monitors are copyright clear.

Make Every Video recording In keeping with Your Branding

Customize every training video with your brand logo, word style, outro, fonts, and call-to-action. Optimize your videos for brand awareness and audience proposal.

Multimedia5 Features


Multimedia5™ Artificial Intellect system will automatically transform the content into an engaging video. Using Natural Terms Processing technology, Media5™ summarizes an article into a precise and concise video-ready storyboard.

Topic Analysis

Machine learning algorithms detect field duration and text positioning, then, using Computer Perspective technology, Multimedia5™ automatically suits each world with relevant track record photographs, videos, and music.

AI Story-Based

Add your account title as well as your history description, and Multimedia5™ automatically fetch this content and populate your storyboard.

Enter Link or Blog Post

Just paste this content URL or upload file, our natural language algorithm will review this content to find significant subject areas and keywords, and then generate video scripts with sections and highlights.

Article Extraction

Using the URL of the published story, we will scrape the story plot for the headline, story text, and relevant keywords which we use to find through our Media Library to find relevant assets that you should use.

Backup & paste

If your articles are within an offline document, copy and paste the written text into Multimedia5™ to commence building your video.

A.I. Automated Workflow

Create videos in minutes with the help of A.I.Based on the made video script and text summary, our Visual Recognition Intelligence will search in milliseconds an incredible number of top-notch H.D. images and videos and match each scene with relevant videos, photos, and music.

Emotion Alignment

Emotion landscape technology collaborates with artificial intellect to ensure active speech diagnosis that elicits the right type of emotional response in each arena.

Script Alignment

Smart algorithms to detect world duration determined predicated on the amount of words and character types in each landscape, and scene duration is determined based on the amount of word in each segment.

Text Positioning

Intelligent wording positioning formulas work in real-time to avoid covering essential elements in images and videos such as real human faces.

Key Words Extraction

Machine learning is applied through Automated A.I. workflow, highlighting relevant keywords automatically to emphasize your brand color.

Source Credit

An automated attribution credit landscape will be displayed by the end of each video recording for your compliance with copyright laws.

Face Detection

Agile technology cuts individual effort and thereby reducing cost. On the visual side, we analyze everything from in-frame action to camera action, face detection and indexing, thing detection, and tracking, face recognition, plus more.

Video clips

Create engaging experiences in minutes without any design experience.

Still images

Tap into an incredible number of photos to build unique videos with extensive styling options. Find the perfect copyright-free videos or images with our media search.

Music & Sound

When you select an audio record to play in your video recording, we’re sure to use the spirits and tempo of that particular track to your edit.

Brand colors

Your brand colors have a robust impact on how your visitors perceive your business. Find the hex code for your brand colors and choose and add colors for your training video.

Video Editing for all those

Advanced video editing features made accessible through a straightforward interface. You don’t need to be considered a pro to create engaging stories.

Full creative control

Use your imagination and A.I. workflow automation. You’re in complete control with wording, transitions, motion results, and much more!

Editing Styles

We make editing simple so you have more time to craft premium content. Designed to give that right “mental resonance” to your footage and transform it into something you’ll be proud to share.

Top-quality videos with digital signature

Increase brand acknowledgment with videos that convey your brand through custom logo and brand color.


Watermarking your videos can help increase awareness of your organization’s insurance firms, your company’s logo non-intrusively showing in your complete video.

Font choices

Pick from a collection of beautiful fonts or upload your custom font document.

Upload your logo and screen it by the end or throughout the video tutorial as a watermark.

Video Display

You may choose the playback quality of your published video. Based on your plan, you can render your training video in hi-def resolutions 720p, or 1080p.

Letterbox bars

Make your videos more cinematic with the letterbox template and maintain aspect ratio.

One-touch public optimization

Upload your finished training video to your website or natively upload it to Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and other friendly channels.

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