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Nimbus Notes Lifetime Deal

Organize & access your notes, information, and knowledge with your team from any device.
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Nimbus Notes Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Nimbus notes lifetime Deal and organize & access your notes, information, and knowledge with your team from any device.

Transform information chaos from multiple sources into an organized workplace.

Empower yourself or your team to get things done faster with fewer iterations and fewer meetings.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Access your information from anywhere in the world, and share with your team.

All the three tools are included: Nimbus Note, Nimbus Capture & Nimbus Clipper.

Best suited for Individuals and Teams who need a centralized workplace.

Easily sync your content across all devices and even access offline.

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Nimbus Note is a powerful yet comprehensive information management platform that can help you simplify your workplace and brings your team closer together.

The notes software is obtainable from any device (online or offline) and syncs your articles across all devices.

From taking notes to creating internal wikis, capturing data to clipping webpages, Nimbus has got you covered.

Nimbus Note provides multiple tools that work together to help individuals and teams get things done.

  • Nimbus Note
  • Nimbus Capture
  • Nimbus Clipper

Why Nimbus?

  • Access your details from anywhere in the world, and tell your team
  • Easily sync your articles across all devices and even access offline
  • Best suited for folks and Teams who desire a centralized workplace
  • All of the three tools are included: Nimbus Note, Nimbus Capture & Nimbus Clipper

Nimbus Features

All-new note editor

Unlike glitchy conventional text editors, the all-new Nimbus Note editor provides reliable and robust tools for note-taking and collaboration.

Groups, workspaces, folders, and subfolders

Organize all of your business into groups, workspaces, and folders. Save time and effort for your entire team. Simplify your work and bring your team together.

Add tables, databases, and spreadsheets

Choose what you need – a flexible table that might be used as a Spreadsheet, Database, or simple table.

Document search and image recognition (OCR)

With Nimbus Note, allows search in attached documents and make text in images searchable.

Business card and document scanner

Make digital copies of your printed documents, business cards, and recipes.


Let Nimbus Note remember for you, and then remind you of what’s most significant.

Create public links to sharing notes, documents, images, and videos

Share your notes and folders with others outside of your Nimbus account. If you want extra protection, guard these shares with a password.

Various collaboration features

Nimbus Note​ provides plenty of collaboration features to help your team to obtain additional things done.


The favorites feature is an extremely convenient method for accessing important information-wherever it might be stored.

Set colors to folders and notes

Add color to highlight your most significant notes and folders.

Generate a passcode

Having passcode protection may be crucial if you are using Nimbus Note for sensitive work details, health data, or anything private. It’s easy to implement because the passcode lock is a four-digit PIN.

Mobile Video and audio recording

Record audios and videos using Nimbus Note on your phone

Quickly create screenshots and screencasts

Show your team, customers, or friends, precisely what you see with recorded videos and screenshots that can be annotated and shared instantly.

Web clipper

AN ONLINE Clipper that works!

Send emails to Nimbus Note

Nimbus Inbox gives you to set-up notes that you send from your email.

Tag your notes

Tag your notes so that you can quickly see them

Nimbus Folders and Subfolders

In addition to searchable tags, Nimbus Note gives you to arrange your notes into folders and subfolders.

Safely Delete and Recover YOUR DETAILS

If you accidentally delete something, you can access the trash and recover some of those notes or folders.

Quick and Flexible Search

This helps you get things done more quickly and make your team highly organized and productive.

Internal links for notes

Create internal links to your notes, folders, workspaces and even to a specific block in an email

Dark Theme

To stay current with modern trends, we’ve built a dark theme for Nimbus Note. Currently, it’s available for our Web, Mac, Windows, and Android App.

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