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What is it? Flexible and customizable work management tool to help you organize everything in one place and get more done.

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An all-in-one work management app for your business needs. Thanks to its versatile features and customization options, Infinity helps you create workflows, manage your team members, and set up everything from company objectives to day-to-day tasks.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Create different views for various use cases.

Customize your entire workflow to your liking.

One tool to organize all your work, your way.

50+ customizable templates to help you work smarter.

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How to Use Infinity

Project Planning

Our Job Planning template can help you break down work into smaller tasks, assign them to the right people, place due dates, and even keep track of everyone’s progress.

With this template, you won’t only have all the essential information accessible, but also be able to collaborate on your upcoming projects with your team with complete ease.

Marketing Agency Client

Infinity’s Marketing Firm Client is the perfect template to help you keep an eye on everything for your marketing clients – tasks, accounts, campaigns, strategies, stations, etc.

Use Infinity’s powerful composition to classify your clients’ data using boards and folders, as well as multiple views to keep track of your metrics, responsibilities, documents, articles, links, and meetings.

Content Calendar

This template can help you manage your articles from one point. Utilize it to breakdown your article’s creation process into steps, assign duties to associates, and arranged deadlines.

Whether you’re managing a company blog, writing content for different websites, or organizing the complete content strategy, you’ll have the ability to adapt this template to your preferences.

Sales Pipeline

Our Sales Pipeline template was created to help you as well as your sales reps keep all the parts of the sales process jointly and streaming smoothly, but it’s simple enough so everyone can update it.

With this template, you can take into account all the clients and important dates; you can estimate contract values and make a note of all relevant updates that happen along the way.

Agile Development

With this template, you’ll have an excellent summary of everything that’s happening in each sprint; you’ll reach assign tasks to your team, visually track the sprint’s progress, prepare tasks in the backlog and archive completed tasks.

The very best part is the fact that you may quickly build on this template to include any other details you need to boost your agile process.

Personal Tasks

With Infinity’s simple Personal Responsibilities template, you’ll have the ability to keep an eye on all of your daily and weekly to-dos so that nothing falls through the cracks.

Whether you’re owning a home, organizing your kids’ schedules, or tracking your cultural life, you can undoubtedly do everything inside that one template. Labels, times, and different views can help you stick to the top of your responsibilities and make it easier than ever before to trail your progress.

Infinity Features



Display items in a spreadsheet. Great for CRM and databases.


Kanban panel, ideal to visually trail your responsibilities and projects.


Simplified list view, perfect for notes, to-do lists, and ideas.


View items in a calendar. Ideal for event planning and scheduling.


Manage your projects over a timeline. Great for project tracking.


Create custom forms for surveys and reviews collection.


Custom Attributes

Add any type of data using features: times, attachments, checkboxes, links…


Create your formulas to filter and view only certain items.


Group your data into columns or divide lists.

Show / Hide

Customize your views fully by hiding or showing attributes.


Sort your data by any attribute you have.


Modify the appearance of your items by reordering the facts on them.


Use Summarize to execute necessary calculations in your desks.


Use different colors to raised customize your planks and labels.

Change View

Elect to see your items in Stand, Column, List, Calendar, or Gantt view.

Infinite Structure


The workspace is the starting point of your organization. It could be used for just one company/brand.


Boards are the critical parts of your workspace. Utilize them for departments, tasks, clients, etc.


Folders can help you classify your computer data within a motherboard. Use them to store more data without creating clutter.


With Infinity’s nesting structure, you can create unlimited subfolders to subdivide your folder data if you need to.


Tabs can help you see your folder data in several ways. Utilize them to point out specific data or get some other previews.


Item is the center device of Infinity, and it can be anything – a task, lead, idea, take note of, contact, test, etc.



Invite people to join your team and collaborate along with you.


Use comments to communicate with your team members.

Share Board

Make one of your planks public and show it with people’s exterior Infinity.


Create your team’s permissions – on the role level also for individual users.


Talk about people in remarks, and they’ll immediately get a notification.


Assign tasks to 1 or multiple users to define the team’s responsibilities.

Activity Log

The activity log helps you keep tabs on all changes that happen on the plank and item level.


Email and in-app notifications will alert your team when there’s an important update.



Connect Infinity with hundreds of other tools via Zapier.


Import your computer data from Trello in a couple of seconds.


Import and export your computer data to a .csv document.


Keep tabs on time on your responsibilities with this Clockify integration.

Web & Mobile Apps


You should use Infinity on your desktop via our web app.


Or, use Infinity on the run – on your Android cellphone.


And on your iPhone.


Exactly what does Infinity’s lifetime package include?

Infinity’s lifetime package is an exclusive, time-limited offer to acquire a lifetime account and usage of all Infinity’s features. The costs begin from $149, and, concerning the price, the offers include a different quantity of workspaces and collaborators, as well as different amounts of storage space.

If I purchase an LTD, will I have to pay a fee over a monthly or yearly basis?

No. Once you get a lifetime package, you’re ready, which means that you won’t ever before have to switch to a per-month or per-year plan.

What happens quickly want to upgrade to an increased plan?

If you opt to upgrade to a higher plan as the LTD offer is still running, you’ll be able to take action straight from the app and only by paying the difference. If you opt to try this after the LTD offer runs out, you will simply need to speak to us, and we’ll help you update to an increased plan.

What if I wish to cancel my LTD plan?

In case you decide to cancel your lifetime deal, all you need to do is email us via talk or [email protected], and we’ll be sure to cancel your plan and send you a refund.

What’s your refund plan?

We have a 30-day refund plan. If you realize Infinity is not the right tool for you within thirty days of purchasing the offer, we’ll offer you your money back again, no questions asked.

What payment methods would you accept?

We accept all major bank cards and PayPal obligations! In case you choose to use PayPal to acquire a deal, we kindly ask you to contact our support team.

Is stacking allowed?

Yes, in away. You can purchase higher plans to obtain additional workspaces, collaborators, and storage.

Will I access all future posts and features?

Of course! If you purchase our lifetime deal now, you will get all future changes and features we increase Infinity, with no additional costs.

Exactly what is a workspace?

A workspace is the starting point of your organization. You will be the dog owner or an associate in as many workspaces as you want. So essentially, a workspace is your Company/Brand.

Exactly what is a board?

Workspaces have unlimited boards where you can organize sub-segments/departments of your organization like Marketing, Development, Sales, HR, Research, etc. Or if you’re a single individual, you can create planks for Consumer 1, Customer 2, Consumer 3, etc.

So how exactly does Infinity compare to other tools?

Infinity aims to offer the ultimate flexibility, and that means you can build your system that flawlessly suits your workflow. Corresponding to our community, the most significant value of Infinity is the fact that it gives you to set-up your work system and works, however you want.

In other tools, you will often have to modify to a fixed system in a single way or another, whereas Infinity adapts to you and your needs.

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