Odus Chatbot Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Odus Chatbot Lifetime Deal

AI-based service to help business owners with sales automation by chatbots using dialogue contextualization.
Expired September 13, 2019
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Odus Chatbot Lifetime Deal

Odus Chatbots Get higher rates of retention, engagement, and coverage by transforming your digital marketing efforts into a personal conversation.

Odus understands natural speech (NLU). It defines a visitor’s intention, so they can communicate in a hassle-free manner.

Odus also lets you automate your sales funnel. It can answer questions at the right moment, find products people want for and place an order on the spot without you ever lifting a finger.

While e-mail marketing efforts have become less effective, it is the rise of Instant Messengers, and Smart Speakers that makes an AI-based conversational platform like Odus a perfect solution for upcoming marketing opportunities.

Odus.ai can be an AI-based conversational platform for messengers, voice assistants, sites, any devices, and apps. We enable you to get Odus, an AI-based service to help marketers with support & sales automation with chatbots using dialogue contextualization technology.

Teach your bot to communicate such as a human and surround your visitors with care and support through automated customer support of high quality!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Smart AI engine.

User segmentation.

Multilingual assistants.

Lifetime Updates and Support.

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  • Your own AI engine (Teach your bot to communicate such as a human! Just forget about buttons and linear scripts).
  • Unlimited assistants (Create chatbots and experiment without restrictions).
  • 100,000 user messages monthly (The number of messages from users per month for everyone bots together).
  • 300 training requests monthly (Each new version of your bot’s neural network should be trained).
  • No Label (Without our logo in your chat widget and Landing bot widget for websites).
  • Multilingual assistance (Create chatbots in any of 28 languages).
  • Unlimited Broadcasts & Sequences (Connect with customers without limits).
  • Website Widget (Your own widget with color settings).
  • Squeeze page Bot (Chat module or chat page for your website).
  • Facebook Messenger (Connecting to the moment messenger).
  • WhatsApp Business API (The connection via WhatsApp Business API. You should get permission by yourself).
  • VoIP (Voice bots) (Voice Calls connection via Voximplant.com or Twilio.com).
  • Telegram (Connecting to the moment messenger).
  • Viber (Connecting to the moment messenger).
  • Text messages (Connecting to the SMS channel via Twilio).
  • Live Chat & unlimited operator seats (Connect live operators without restrictions).
  • Unlimited associates & admins (Are a team).
  • Bot Templates (Create assistants in several clicks. Simple bot templates and plugins).
  • Analytics (Powerful detailed analytics of scenarios, conversions, and dialogs).
  • User segmentation (Personalize communication with your visitors).
  • Zapier WebHooks (1000+ Integrations by Zapier!)
  • Your own WebHooks (Connect your own software).
  • And far more…

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