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Quelines Lifetime Deal

Virtual Queue Management Solution.
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Quelines Lifetime Deal

If there’s one thing that is common to all of your customers, it’s waiting times.

Your customers are frustrated when they must wait for a longer than they would like, even though your service is exceptional.

How can you be in control over your clients’ waiting time and control your schedules for business more effectively?

Introducing Quelines!

Quelines is the latest generation queue management system that allows your business to establish virtual lobbies as well as provide top customer service, with reduced waiting time.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Optimize wait times and enhance your visitors’ experience using Quelines

3-way communication chat, email & SMS reminders, countdown timer

Alternative to: Qtrac, Wavetec, Qminder

Perfect for: Digital agencies, service providers, & retail businesses

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Start your store by providing basic information such as Name of the store Contact No. Address, Zip Code, Time Zone Coordinates (comes in handy, in case customers are unable to locate your website address)

You can set the Waitlist time between 5 and 60 minutes and the store capacity is between 15 and 300 pax, based upon the average time for customer service and the shop’s built-up space

Select the opening Hours of your company for all days and week.

Create an individual QR code that identifies your area, then add the required fields to the customer form, based on the data you require from them, for sending them reminders and reminders.

You can alter the design and upload your company logo and even hide Quelines Branding (Whitelabel) to make it easier to match your brand’s tone.

By granting permissions to roles you can also add your team members or clients (if you’re offering the service to your customers) with restricted permissions on the User menu.

The tab Activities will show you the number of people who have visited your store who have visited your store, but no. of the times they’ve visited your shop as well as contact information. You can export of these data of their visits to your store as of the number of times they’ve visited your store, contact information, etc. and export CSV file whenever you want.

“Latest Spots” is an area for Front desk personnel to show the QR code and manage the waitlist of visitors directly on their tablet or iPad.

Your Quelines Dashboard provides you with an overview of the day’s visitors, waitlisted guests Average Wait Time, and overall visits.

You can also share your store’s QR code via social media or you can go back to school to print and copy the same code on your door.

On your dashboard, you can see the total number of people on the waiting list, and then you could decide to take actions, such as allowing visitors to come earlier or let them chat with one another.

The Support option lets your customers to communicate with you support staff and/or join the virtual lobby and chat with fellow customers.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • All Standard Deal Features
  • 1,000 Guests per Month
  • 200 one-time SMS Credits
  • Future updates of Advance Plan are included
  • 60 days refund policy *
  • Stacking Details
    • $70/lifetime (2,000 Guests per Month & 400 one-time SMS Credits)
    • $105/lifetime (5,000 Guests per Month & 800 one-time SMS Credits)

Get lifetime access for just $35 one-time payment.

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