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Deal Score+1

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What is Rethink Files?

Welcome to Rethink Files 2TB cloud storage app,

This Universal File Hub Helps You Stay on Top of Your Files Across Multiple Apps & Keep Everything in Sync.

With a large number of files spread across our computer folders and software with a messy desktop as well, searching for even a tiny document or a pdf couldn’t be a less strenuous task, right?

Now, we’ve our files get spread around across a lot of other cloud apps: seated in Dropbox, delivered to us on Slack, distributed on Yahoo Drive, hanging around in Docusign, mounted on emails.

Yes, it’s difficult to control all the data from a wide variety of applications you utilize, but it’s not impossible to have them alongside one another under one tool.

Rethink Data – a universal cloud organization system where you can plan your records and data under this solo tool. With all your cloud data in a single place, you won’t ever have to invest time looking for missing files again.

One File Director FOR ALL YOU Apps – As the cloud brought many fantastic tools, your programs and data in it started to accumulate. And you are thus making dependence on more safe-keeping and unwanted safe-keeping expenditures. Different tools need different space for storage, thus adding a great deal into the cloud safe-keeping cost. But with Rethink, you don’t need to worry about keeping prepared in 10 different places. Rethink is your comprehensive cloud firm system.

Organize and Search Everything IN A SINGLE Place – Rethink queries all your storages simultaneously, so you do not have to open up multiple tabs. Once you’ve found the record you need, it can save it for you to your Rethink drive, and that means you never lose it again.

Access Files IN VIRTUALLY ANY Cloud – Bridging desktop and cloud data. Rethink connects data files in every the cloud programs you already use in a single place. Preview, save and set up data files from your Gmail, Slack, DocuSign, Yahoo Drive, Amazon S3 and a great many other accounts. Use programs without being concerned where your data files finish up. Beautiful Record Previews – You’ve got a lot of data files that Rethink can demonstrate. Videos, documents, rules, PDFs, or whatever you store can be previewed in Rethink’s fast and beautiful record viewer.

Easy Records or Affluent Documents – With Rethink’s pages software, you can edit wealthy documents quickly within Rethink, letting you take down notes, create documents, or collaborate on thoughts and work.

Instant Team Record Access – Rethink makes data files from your team easy to get at and shareable. Stop coping with a web of distributed data files and instead talk about task drives or use links to make collaborating simple once more.

Bring Your Storage – Use Amazon S3 to force your storage with the infrastructure you control. Set up S3 buckets from your AWS profile in minutes to use good things about S3’s pay-as-you-go storage area pricing. Manage data in your buckets using Rethink’s beautiful storage area interface. Data are moved immediately from your personal computer to S3 and again without ever coming in contact with our servers.

Advanced Security – Behind Rethink is robust, analyzed infrastructure made to protect your computer data whenever you copy, store, or get access to it. Rethink secures data in transit with a break with industry-standard encryption (AES-256). Rethink is driven by the same system providers almost all of your existing tools use. Finally, consistent backups stored offsite make data impervious to interruption or damage.

Guaranteed by robust infrastructure – Every record you store with Rethink is looked after and encrypted using AES 256-amount encryption in top grade data centers monitored by our infrastructure partner, Amazon Web Services.

Simple privateness and sharing control buttons – You possess your computer data, and whether it’s your individual or work information, we’re focused on keeping it private.

Determination of security – We regularly verify and test our system and data security systems. Rethink is focused on providing best-in-class security, compliance, and data cover for our customers.

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Rethink Files Review

A universal cloud organization system where you can organize all your files and data under this single tool

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Value For The Money
User Friendly (Getting Started)
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  • Great UI and managing everything in one place
  • Promising Roadmap
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Support
  • Backed by a VC
  • Need to Increase Integrations (Upcoming)
  • No Mobile App (Upcoming)
  • Bugs in Early
  • Can't browse Google Drive
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FB Group Discussion Post for Rethink Files

Check our Rethink Files deal discussion in our FB group:

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Rethink Files Integrations

  • Amazon S3
  • Box
  • Cloud Drives
  • Docusign
  • Dropbox
  • Droplr
  • Gmail
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook
  • Paymo
  • pCloud
  • SFTP
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Zoho Docs
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  1. this ReThink thing is the worst thing I have spent my money on in a long time. even though you cannot currently do anything worthwile in Drive as far as linking folders, you’d think that it would atleast automatically sync with Drive when Googles Back up and Ync updates files. but Noooooo. Doesn’t even see any of the files in my OneDrive account!

    • Have you tried contacting their support regarding this? Since actually it could problem with Access permissions on your end. or Was you able to fix this?

      Alston Antony

      • We are a lot of people complaining about the same. Their customer service is inexistent…
        Be carefull with this rethink company! This must be a scam. I paid for 2TB and most of my upload are cancelled, without warning. This is not a problem of my network or pc since I tried in other pcs and networks. I will not speak about their website that is really badly implement because they are “cheap”. I try to contact their service customer but never got an answer, even a automatic one. Site like yours should check on the offers you propose. I already read a lot of people having the same complaints. Don’t be fooled by people getting paid to advertise this company please.

  2. Can I use this to back up a 1T file

  3. 0.2
    Features & Functions
    Value For The Money
    User Friendly (Getting Started)
    Support & Customer Help
    Deal Benefits & Restrictions

    Be carefull with this rethink company! This must be a scam. I paid for 2TB and most of my upload are cancelled, without warning. I will not speak about their website that is really badly implement because they are “cheap”. I try to contact their service customer but never got an answer, even a automatic one. Site like yours should check on the offers you propose.

    + PROS: None. It's a scam
    - CONS: It's a scam company who certainly used some amazon webspaces for free but will not accept most of your upload! No customer service at all!
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    • Hi Pedro,

      I agree with you.

      Please accept my apologies.

      We did talk about this deal in our Facebook group in detail, and we came up with the same conclusion.

      I should have updated this post, but I am in the middle implementing big changes to SaaSpirate to make sure to stop happening something like this ever again.

      This what we are going to do for the site moving forward:

      – We have created a separate page in the menu where it will only contain the deals we have created a video review for it.

      – We are removing ratings and reviews for non-tested deals by us in order not to mislead our audience.

      – Every post will contain a bade, whether it’s review post based on our testing or a deal post.

      – We updated the post design style to be much in-depth to provide all the details.

      We are updating SaaSpirate, so the above decision reflects on all the active deals.

      Again, sorry for misleading, and my goal is to create a community to help founders and fellow buyers.

      I hope with these new changes it is a possibility.

      Alston Antony

      • Thanks for your kind answer and your honest work to make this community better.

        I wasn’t happy with you because I trusted your website, but now I see you’ve been scammed too.
        I wish you good luck on your new implementation, since sometimes it’s easy to detect a fraud. I hope it will be better from now on because scams like this are quite spread by people we trust like, and we have to fight it for the customers.

        Best regards!

        • Alston Antony
          June 13, 2020 at 1:19 am

          Hi Pedro,

          Thank you for giving me a second chance.

          I will make sure something like this not going to happen to any other visitors.

          I have also created a separate section where it will only contain deals that are tested by us and it will contain a video review too.

          With best regards
          Alston Antony

  4. You’re a good man!
    Again, I wish you all the best for your projects!

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