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Lifetime Deal

Seynd Lifetime Deal

Easiest, Most Automated Web Push Notifications.
Expired September 12, 2019
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Seynd Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Seynd review of lifetime deal, we all know that conversion and open rate on push notifications are much better than email sending solutions.

Users also able to subscribe easily with one click and it will work on any devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets & mobiles.

Seynd is not a pop-up or email marketing tool, but it’s a flexible browser notification that allows you to send customized messages to the user’s devices.

With Seynd subscribe with one click, Notifications are delivered real-time, Less time consuming, Increased click-through rates, Audience of choice, Private, Engaged customers & more.

Highlights (TL;DR):

One Click Subscribe.

Lifetime Support & Updates.

100% Delivery Rate.

Split Testing.

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Automated Welcome Campaigns

Create welcome push messages that are automatically delivered to users when they subscribe. Welcome campaigns help you hook up with new subscribers so they can see what communication along with you will look like.


Unlike others that charge more for extra sites or sub-domains, Seynd does not have any limit. Use your push messages to direct your subscribers to multiple pages and segments accordingly.


No limit to the number of market segments you can create on Seynd. Pinpoint your push messages to the right group-diapers to new moms vs Depends for the elderly, etc.

Push Notification Behavior Targeting

Group your audience based on their demographics and behavior. Those going to the shoe price page get a different push web notification versus those on your cosmetic blog. Customers get one kind of push web notification, teen prospects get another, etc.

You start your day by opening your email stats-once again, your response is dismal.

Significantly less than 15% opened, only 2% clicked through. You did have the ability to jump on a major blacklist (that will waste time getting removed) and you have a few swearing responses and an awful threatening email (great-he’s a lawyer). Ouch!

I guess it is back to the drawing board to invest hours trying to figure out what subject line and body copy are going to be the winning combination.
You got completely fed up and decided to try something new-Web Push Notifications. You did the study and chosen Seynd (good choice).

Within your day you have over 1,000 opt-ins, you are testing faster then in the past, your brand-new message had 100% delivery, 100% open rate, and 4 times the response of your prior email campaign. You’ve already made four new sales!

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