Social Aider Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

Social Aider Lifetime Deal

Social Media Scheduling Tool For Unlimited Account Management.
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Social Aider Lifetime Deal

Welcome to Social Aider review of lifetime deal, Have you been looking for a budget-friendly social media management tool that lets you manage social media accounts using a single dashboard?

If yes, you can consider this cost-effective social media scheduling tool called Social Aider.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Add & manage an unlimited variety of social media profiles/pages/projects for no extra charges.

The time-zone feature enables you to schedule posts according to different time zones.

Pull RSS Feeds of your selected blogs, etc., and schedule all of them at once.

Find new content using the Discover feature.

No limitations on the posts, which means you can schedule Unlimited Posts.

Schedule many posts simultaneously using Bulk Schedule.

Use Image Editor to edit and enhance pictures.

Lifetime License with updates.

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Social Aider permits users to schedule posts across various social media for 100 years beforehand. Also, you can plan your social media posts concurrently on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business altogether.

Media Attachment

Social Aider allows users to include media using images and videos to their social media posts. Every social media post consists of an opportunity to add a graphic or video file.

The image file cannot be exceeding 2MB. Along with the video file could not exceed 200MB. All the photos can be uploaded in jpg & png format only. Therefore, all the videos can be uploaded in .mp4 format only.


Once scheduled, the social media posts will be delivered on the user’s behalf with their selected social networking at that time defined by an individual.


One-click deletes – With merely a single click, you can delete any of your posts that are published in multiple platforms. So don’t worry if you did a typo or grammar mistake.


Just at the client of a button, now you can repost your old post at any moment. You have the choice to repost the original post, or of course, you can edit it before you do. Also, you can schedule your reposts.

Bulk Upload

Social Aider permits the users to upload posts in bulk in excel format, saving time on scheduling every post separately. Also, you can upload up to 200 social media posts in a single move.

RSS Import

All of the post schedules as time passes, date, and frequency can import with RSS Feed. Along, Social Aider allows unlimited feeds for all sorts of accounts.

Image Editor

Social aider gives you to edit images using its image editor feature easily. Moreover, Image Editor has a typical set of functions to edit different kinds of images.


This feature also helps you in discovering new content on the internet through the use of keyword search. From the search results, Social Aider has an option to select all posts or decide on a particular post to schedule at the decision of energy and frequency.

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