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Sociality Lifetime Deal

An all-in-one social media management solution that helps you simplify your social media with one convenient dashboard.
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Sociality Lifetime Deal

With lifetime deal which is an all-in-one social media management solution that helps you simplify your social media with one convenient dashboard.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Schedule social media posts and streamline the approval process.

Measure success with analytics and competitive benchmarking.

Easily engage with and moderate user comments and messages.

Best for: Social media managers and small businesses looking to handle all their social media operations on a single platform.

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Publish on all platforms, quick approval process

  • Plan your contents for multiple channels simultaneously
  • Forget about content plan tracking by email.
  • Lessen your approval process for a short while.

Simple management without switching between platforms

  • Management of your accounts over one screen.
  • Assign tasks to your associates in a few steps.
  • Reduce your response time with templates.

Whole web and social media, as many keywords as you like

  • Monitor all social platforms with your keywords.
  • Track everything about your brand and competitors.
  • Avoid crises with free alert emails.

Ready-to-present reports without interval limitations

  • Ready your account reports within a few minutes.
  • Gain time by creating long-term reports at once.
  • Increase your performance with detailed Excel and PPTs.

Detailed competitor insights, accurate strategic decisions

  • Analyze competitor activities on all platforms.
  • Create your comparison reports in a few minutes.
  • Be one step before the competition with insights. can be an all-in-one social media management solution that can help you simplify your social media with one convenient dashboard.

Managing social media can be considered a lot like herding cats that are hopped through to catnip.

With, you can simplify every aspect of managing social accounts-from, creating and scheduling posts to reporting and performance analysis.

Using’s streamlined dashboard, you may easily switch between different brand accounts and discover a synopsis of your calendar, scheduled posts, and analytics.

The approval process for scheduling social posts can get confusing quickly, especially if you’re dealing with a team. lets you send a post to an internal team or your clients to get approval and add comments to the post within the platform, so you’re never searching through 10 different email threads.

Once a post goes live, and you start to get comments and responses, you can assign comments to members of your team to make sure you’re engaging with your followers.

These features make collaboration easier than ever-unlike those group projects you did in college.

Does managing a social media calendar cause you to want to call Marie Kondo?

Spark joy with the smooth, colorful calendar interface, which is color-coded to show the status of every post and enables you to view all your scheduled content in a single place.

See which posts have been approved, which remain pending, and whether any have been rejected or canceled.

Publish content across your social channels at once or maybe pick individual platforms, all from within the brand dashboard.

Social media was created to drive engagement, and useful analytics is the fastest way to learn if you’re hitting the right note with your followers.’s listening and reporting features help you condition your strategy by identifying which content performs the best.

Get reports from your entire social accounts to track performance easily and determine the best strategy based on the detailed analytics.

Easily export reports into Excel or PowerPoint to reduce the opportunity of human error. Your iPhone calculator isn’t always your friend.

No more expending hours on competitor analysis or even more making the incorrect decision predicated on incomplete information.

Measure your performance against detailed fan and engagement reports of your competition to guide your social media strategy.

Managing social media doesn’t have to feel like running a theme park filled up with live dinosaurs (we all know how that movie ends).’s simple, the all-in-one platform helps you automate approval, scheduling, and reporting, which means you can give attention to engaging with your audience and creating great content. has all you need to control social accounts like a #boss.

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