Sociazer Lifetime Deal
Lifetime Deal

Sociazer Lifetime Deal

All-in-one solution for tracking your social media presence.
Expired June 4, 2022

Sociazer Lifetime Deal

Sociazer is a social media analyzing tool where you can track all your social channels with ease using a single platform.

With competitor tracking, full social media audit, reports, and statistics, Sociazer gives you deep insights into how to improve your social strategy.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Monitor your competitor’s performance by analyzing their social profiles.

Create insightful reports you can call your own with custom branding.

Compare social media accounts by simply adding their usernames.

Export generated reports to always-ready PDF files.

Get professional reports on Top Posts, Day by Day Followers, Engagement, & more.

Track detailed statistics about your Followers, Following and Upload count day by day.

Get weekly email reports to track your progress.

Sociazer Features

Competitor Tracking

Screen your competitor’s performance by analyzing their public profiles in-depth to learn their strategy.

Full Social Media Audit

Each user gets a specialist report made with a lot of data, including Top Posts, Daily Followers Tracking, Engagement Rates, and many more.

White-Label Reports

Create insightful accounts you can call your own with custom branding.

Detailed Statistics

Track detailed information about your Followers, Pursuing, and Upload matter daily.

PDF Exports

Easy-to-use and always-ready PDF exports of the produced report.

Comparison Tool

Compare communal media accounts by merely adding their usernames.

Regular Email Reports

We will send you notifications of your tracked social media accounts improvement by email.

Simple to Use

Track the improvement of your sociable media accounts with beautiful figures and charts.

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