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VideoPeel Lifetime Deal – Testimonials App

User-friendly platform for collecting, managing, and sharing video testimonials from one centralized location.
Expired April 29, 2020

VideoPeel Lifetime Deal – Testimonials App

VideoPeel is a platform for collecting, managing, and sharing testimonials.

VideoPeel is your premier remote video platform for companies to request, collect, share, and respond to real videos from their clients, patients, students, customers, and employees.

VideoPeel helps companies 10X their amount of user generated content, so that they could drive 20% and customer insights, and conversions traffic, retention, satisfaction. We are leading a new development in communications and marketing.

VideoPeel’s eCommerce customers automate the asking of movies to make a library of authentic video testimonials for their website, Shopify shops, landing pages, webinars, Facebook Video Ads, email templates, Amazon product listings, and retail channels such as Sephora, Wayfair, Home Depot, etc.

And as a result of Machine Learning technologies and their AI they could optimize which videos become printed and we can create.

Their Healthcare customers also use our distant video platform to collect videos from their patients, doctors, nurses, etc. to scale their screenings, consultations, check-ins, and follow-ups so that they can react to the people at the times when it matters.

Their Online Education clients also use our remote video platform to interact with their audience and their external network asynchronously allowing for increased engagement and cooperation in the learning procedure.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Easily request and gather customer videos using a shareable connection through any communication channel — no login or download needed.

Best for: Digital entrepreneurs that need real video testimonials from their clients to optimize their campaigns.

Alternative to: Boast

Manage video entries, permissions, and transcriptions, and publish to your website, Shopify shop, Facebook, Amazon, and much more!

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