VSDC Video Editor Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

VSDC Video Editor Lifetime Deal

Video software: video editor and converter, audio converter, CD grabber.
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VSDC Video Editor Lifetime Deal

Video editing is easy with VSDC Video Editor Pro, regardless of experience level.

The hardware accelerated, the non-linear system allows users to edit several files simultaneously and export videos fast, saving you loads of time.

Equipped with an essential pro editing toolset like blending modes, a Mask tool, an advanced multi-color Chroma key, and adjustable parameter settings, VSDC allows you to take your videos from standard to extraordinary in no time at all.

Highlights (TL;DR):

A wide array of multimedia processing tools in one free video software suite.

VSDC video software is freely available for download to Windows OS-based PCs and laptops.

Programs use fast
and high-quality algorithms optimized for single and multi-core CPU’s.

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VSDC Video Editor Pro Features

Double speed

Manage your editing even faster with an increase of stable and hardware-accelerated versions.

Enhanced resolution

Process image and video transformation with subpixel resolution to get more precise results.

Mask tool

Hide, blur, or highlight required elements in your video using 10+ mask types.

Multiple color chroma key

Select a suitable color for your video background to create a real TV studio look.

Advanced settings for pro editing

Create curved motion paths for your video objects or animation taking the benefit of adjustable parameter settings.

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What’s included in this deal:

  • Length of access: lifetime
  • Max number of devices: 2
  • Access options: desktop
  • Software version: 6.4.1
  • Full video editing suite
  • Advanced settings for Pro editing
  • Video stabilization tool
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Audio waveform
  • Sub-pixel resolution
  • Voice over
  • Mask tool
  • Chroma key
  • Technical support
  • Updates included

Get lifetime access for just $30 one-time payment.

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