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If you’re not sure how to harness Facebook’s insights about your customers or competitors, you’re not alone.

There is a lot of competition on the platform, so standing out can also be challenging. 

Creating effective Facebook campaigns is challenging enough, let alone optimizing them for maximum impact. You’re leaving money on the table if you’re not using the right tools and strategies. 

It can be extremely detrimental for your business if you don’t have access to Facebook’s insights. Your target market isn’t clear to you, nor do you know what content is most effective. There is a high chance your competitors are already taking advantage of Facebook’s insights to power their ads, targeting, and content.

Meet the Alavi Lifetime Deal

You can make better decisions about your business by accessing all of Facebook’s insights with Alavi. Your ads’ performance and content engagement will be tracked with this tool.


Engage your customers on Facebook by finding their interests

Alavi is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly identify and target customers by revealing connections between their search term and relevant interests. By integrating Alavi with a user’s Facebook account, they can gain further insights into the relevancy of these interests, allowing for more efficient marketing campaigns.

Analyze the interests of your competitors’ fans

Alavi provides valuable competitor insights, including the degree of engagement of their fans with specific interests, the relative engagement of their fans with those same interests compared to yours, and the engagement of your customers with your competitors’ content.

All of these insights are essential for understanding how to best optimize your own strategies and improve your competitive edge.

Identify if you will be able to reach new people before using an insight

Alavi provides a feature that helps businesses reach out to potential customers and fans on Facebook by showing the greatest overlap between an audience you are already targeting and an insight’s potential audience.

This ensures that businesses are not wasting money on reaching out to audiences that are not likely to be interested.

Leaks in ad spending can be easily spotted and stopped

Alavi is an automated optimization tool that allows you to quickly identify and address any issues with your campaigns, ad sets, and ads.

It provides daily reports that make it easy to identify problems and opportunities, and provides clear recommendations so you can address any ad spend leaks quickly and efficiently.

Multiple data sets can be compared in one place to optimize better

Alavi is a powerful tool that helps marketers centralize their data within one platform.

With Alavi, marketers can avoid the hassle of using multiple spreadsheets to store campaign data, as well as quickly and easily assess the health of their campaigns. This helps them identify where they can make optimizations for the highest possible returns.


What does Alavi reveal about search terms?

Alavi reveals all the connected interests to a search term.

What insights does Alavi provide about competitors?

Alavi provides three crucial insights about competitors: fan engagement, interest engagement, and customer engagement.

How does Alavi help with targeting new customers?

Alavi shows the biggest overlap an insight’s potential audience has with an audience already targeted on Facebook, making it easier to reach out to new people.

What does Alavi do every day?

Alavi identifies problems and opportunities for all campaigns, ad sets, and ads and provides clear recommendations.

How does Alavi simplify campaign monitoring?

Alavi brings all data together into one place, avoiding spreadsheets and allowing for easy campaign health checks and optimization.


In conclusion, Alavi reveals key insights about search terms, provides three important insights about competitors, helps to target new customers, identifies problems and opportunities for campaigns, and simplifies campaign monitoring.

By using Alavi’s features, marketers can gain valuable insights and simplify the task of running marketing campaigns, resulting in improved reach and performance.

Try Alavi today and see the results for yourself!

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