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Blakify Lifetime Deal

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Blakify Lifetime Deal

Why not give your voice some personality the next time you need it to speak about your business or brand?

Static content, such as PDFs, ebooks, and other training materials, can be brought to life with Blakify’s Text to Speech (TTS) software.

When you need to convert lengthy stretches of text into playable audio, this technology is extremely useful. With just a few clicks, you may have instant text-to-speech audio. Download WAV format and MP3 files, which can be played on any device, from there.

With the best synthetic voices and AI Voice Generator from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, & IBM.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Audiobooks: TTS is a cheaper choice for the book narration requirements in comparison to professional narrators.

Voice Over: Imagine a scenario in which you can deliver an engaging & fascinating presentation using voice-over narration. Our TTS service, which provides video playback on YouTube and other social platforms, is now available.

Content Creation: From reading vital messages aloud or perhaps listening when you’re traveling overseas with your gadget, to saving money and time, explore the various ways it may be utilized.

E-learning: Guaranteed to connect, design courses with a relatable and natural voice. We can record your material in Japanese, Spanish, or Hindi if you prefer.

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