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Eariously Lifetime Deal

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Eariously Lifetime Deal

Eariously transforms all text to audio, allowing you to create professional voiceovers for tutorials, videos and much other things.

The need for great voiceovers is high, however hiring professionals is costly. With Eariously you can reduce the expense and time on voiceovers. Eariously’s text-to speech platform can create natural-sounding voiceovers for any project (YouTube videos tutorials, videos, presentations and more).

Now , anyone can convert text into audio in only few clicks. If you’re able to type or write, you can convert your articles or text files into a realistic audio. However, wait… it gets better! Eariously could also turn your newsletter or blog into podcast.


  • Upload a text file , or paste text directly into Eariously’s editor to generate the audio files in two minutes.
  • Utilize Earily’s SSML editor to highlight words, make pauses, or even add custom pronunciations to your text.
  • Eariously automates the import of your most recent blog posts, and then converts your blog entries into audio podcasts with only a few clicks.
  • Pick from a diverse collection of more than 400 realistic voices that include premium and standard options on all LTD plans.
  • Sure, Eariously is like gold for teams with international ties. It is easy to convert all your texts into multilingual marketing material.
  • Be organized by storing everything in tidy projects including inviting multiple team members and segregating workspaces for brands and clients.

How Eariously Works?

We set out to make it easy for our users to record audio without the need for an AI degree. This is how Eariously can be used in only four steps.

  1. You can upload a text document or RSS feed for a blog or any other URL of a website.
  2. Select the preferred voice, and then set basic settings.
  3. Change the pronunciation of the text by using your SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) editor.
  4. Press publish, and in some hours, Eariously will generate an audio file. That’s it!

What Makes Eariously Different?

Eariously is more than an essential TTS platform. The team was focused on creating an application that can convert ANY text into audio, but it also helps journalists and newsletter writers convert their newsletters and blogs into podcasts. Eariously is a complete podcast hosting service as well as an audio file storage tool and TTS platform with many more features to be added in the future.

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