Flyy Gamified Rewards Monthly Deal
Monthly Deal

Flyy Gamified Rewards Monthly Deal

Gamified Referral App for Shopify
Expired July 22, 2023
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Flyy Gamified Rewards Monthly Deal


Are you having trouble increasing sales in your Shopify store? Are you finding that customer acquisition is too expensive? Are you looking for a way to keep customers coming back?

Introducing Flyy Monthly Deal – the revolutionary customer growth engine that uses gamification to boost Shopify sales and lower customer acquisition costs.

With Flyy, you can engage customers with rewards, points, and leaderboards – all while providing a seamless shopping experience.

Don’t wait any longer, try Flyy today and watch your sales soar!


Enhanced Customer Engagement Through Variable Rewards & Scratch Cards

This feature allows businesses to encourage more customer participation by providing rewards that vary in type and amount. The variable rewards can include monetary rewards, free products, discounts, and other incentives.

Additionally, businesses can also incorporate scratch cards into the rewards system, whereby customers can win additional rewards or discounts when they scratch and reveal the card.

Customized Referral Program

Giving your referral program a unique look and feel that matches the brand’s personality can help to build recognition, boost customer loyalty, and generate more referrals.

By providing a customized referral program that stands out from the competition and reflects the brand’s identity, customers will be more likely to recognize and remember it, as well as recommend it to their friends and family.

Flexible Referral Program Options

This feature allows businesses to customize their referral programs to meet their specific needs.

It includes adjusting referral link formats, customizing what content is shared on social media when a referral link is shared, setting order requirements for a referral to be considered valid, and setting an expiration date for the referral program.

Monitoring Referral Activities & Program Performance

This feature allows businesses to keep track of how customers are interacting with their referral programs.

By monitoring referrals, businesses can gain insight into how their programs are performing, identify any problems and take action to improve their referral strategies.


How can customer participation be increased?

By giving variable rewards and scratch cards.

What should be done to match referral program with brand personality?

Give it a look and feel that matches brand personality.

What can be customized in referral links?

Social share, order requirements, expiration, etc.

How can customer referral activities be tracked?

Keep a track of customer referral activities with analytics.


In conclusion, the Flyy Gamified Rewards Monthly Deal offers an innovative and exciting way for businesses to engage with their customers and incentivize desired behaviors.

By leveraging gamification principles and rewards, Flyy encourages repeat visits and increased loyalty, while providing a fun and engaging experience for users.

Overall, the Flyy Gamified Rewards Monthly Deal is a powerful tool for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and drive long-term success.

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