GrowSurf Referral Software Lifetime Deal
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Lifetime Deal

GrowSurf Lifetime Deal

Grow your business with our powerful, highly customizable referral program software.
Expired September 13, 2019
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GrowSurf Lifetime Deal

Welcome to GrowSurf review of lifetime deal, Easily launch a custom refer-a-friend program for your software/SaaS startup with our simple, powerful referral program software.

Grow your business with powerful, highly customizable referral program software. Easily launch refer-a-friend campaigns and achieve high-impact marketing.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Launch a “refer-a-friend” campaign for your products/services.

Build a pre-launch waitlist program and offer incentives for sharing.

Advanced Fraud protection to disqualify fraudsters from your campaigns.

Customize the designs to match your brand colors.

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GrowSurf Features

Customizable Design

Style the GrowSurf campaign and embedded elements to fit your website’s branding.

Manual/Offline Referral

In case your referral trigger can be an action that occurs offline, you can manually trigger a referral at the click of a button.

Set Referral Credit Window

When someone visits your website with a friend’s referral link, they’ll have a degree of time to execute an action that triggers a referral that credits their referrer with referral credit. You may adjust this expiration window.

Fraud Protection

GrowSurf’s ironclad anti-fraud system will identify suspicious participants and let you review and disqualify them, or completely block fraudsters (Thor, pass me that Ban hammer.. Now)

Advanced Analytics

View campaign performance, conversions, and channel performance to understand the effectiveness of your referral campaign.

Landing Pages

Each one of your GrowSurf campaigns comes with a dedicated landing page for your referral program.

Powerful Integrations

GrowSurf offers a complete integration toolkit which includes JS Web API, REST API, Webhooks, Zapier, MailChimp, HubSpot (and so many more coming the right path)


GrowSurf does all the heavy lifting to market your campaign and automatically emails new participants with their particular referral link, notifies winners, and sends monthly reminders. In other words, you don’t have to worry about constantly reminding your referrals to keep bringing clients ?

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