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Glorify App Discount Deal – eCommerce Graphics Editor App

Easy to use design tool created for eCommerce business owners & entrepreneurs, helping them bring color to their conversions.
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Glorify App Discount Deal – eCommerce Graphics Editor App

Glorify App online graphic design tool where you can make marketing and promotional graphics without technical knowledge.

With GloriyApp, you will able to design a logo, full (e)book design, eCommerce designs, marketing designs, and social media designs.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Designing like a pro without pro know-how has just become 10x easier.

Access millions of free images, icons, shapes, illustrations & much more from our integrations with numerous stock libraries!

Forget the hassle of emailing design files to your team. Share, organize, and collaborate in a single platform with just a few clicks!

Glorify App Review - Is it the Best Graphic Design Software? (2.0 New Lifetime Deal)

Read video transcript

Do you think that glorify is the new best graphic design tool on the internet?

This video will explain it to you.

We’ll be looking at what it is and what it offers.
A full demo and walkthrough of the system where I’ll be explaining each component, and I will be pointing out some of the pros and cons of each of it.
I will be showing you live examples on their background removal tool.
I will be comparing the tool with Canva, stencil, and Photoshop.
I will be giving you some helpful pointers to decide whether this graphic design tool is for you or not.

So let’s get started.


first, thank you so much for checking out this video.

First, what it is and what it offers.

Glorify app is a web online graphic design tool which helps both professionals and even beginners to design graphical designs.

It can design social media, marketing images, logos, promotional, etc.

Okay, now, without further ado, let’s jump into the dashboard.

So I can show you all these practical things rather than visually explaining to you.

If you can’t understand what it means, I show it in a visual option you can see it and understand.

You can see this is the dashboard, which you will see once you logged into the account.

The above section contains educational links and also a link to manage your account.

This section contains main functions, which are Ebook creator, Logo designer, E-commerce Designs, and Social Media Designs.

Here it will show you the recently saved files from your My Files section.

I will be exploring the logo maker first because the logo is the starting point for any businesses where you focus on your marketing aspect of it.

In this tool, when you create a logo, what it can do is it can apply that same color marketing colors throughout all other designs.

So once you’ve created a project and a logo, and you use that set of colors for that logo, it will make sure to use if you design it will make sure to use that correct throughout all the marketing campaigns you choose.

So first, let me show you out and do it. Click on the logo maker button.

I should let you know the pros and cons of it in a bit. First, give the name for your logo; this will be the text used for the project name and as well as the actual text, which will be displayed on the logo.

I can show you con from here make sure; please note that the logo created in the glorifyapp is not advanced, which means it’s pretty essential to a medium level where it will be more like a template-based logo.

Let’s click on Start, and here you can describe a feeling for your brand based on this font.

If you want, you can click anything which you feel comfortable seeing in your logo.

If you have a specific color scheme you want to choose, you can select it here.

You can select an icon he also you can skip it if you want; if you skip it, the logo will look even more essential.

These are commercial-free so that you can use it on your projects. Click here and select one and click on Next.

I’ll show you how to change all these things now. And the cool thing is even though this logo is necessary, it shows you how this logo will look different mock-ups mockups, for example, it shows a web browser and a visiting card and T-shirt board and miscellaneous, so it shows you all these things.

If if you see this side of the screen, you will see a pop up right seeing edit your logo. You can see the changes to the logo in real-time here.

Once you have done everything, all you need to do is click on the Save logo.

It will generate an SVG file. An SVG file is a file format that is a small size where you can use directly to your website, and it will undoubtedly help you to make the design look better in all the devices.

Now the cool thing is let’s say for example, either you are managing a lot of different projects, or you’re offering services to the clients we have each client will have different color preference inside the design a tool, when you click on it, it will automatically apply this color randomly to the project.

There will be an option to apply a couple more times to obtain different results so you can automatically match the correct color to your brand.

The second tab is the Ebook creator.

I want to be honest with you guys, I have never seen a tool like this before, I have used Photoshop, so if you are a book author or looking for a design for your book, you can easily even replace your professional graphic designer just using this Ebook designer.

The cool thing about this tool is that it will not only create a front cover, but it helps you to design front cover, Table of Contents section, title page, one column content page, two-column content page, call to action page and even the back cover, and you can create a whole book and export it into PDF.

Okay, now let me show you within a real example so you can understand it much better if I click on the front cover now.

If you’re a professional designer, you would understand all the layers and the importance of it. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need to worry about it.

What it means is whenever you put content in your template Canvas when you’re using an according to delay, it will show you which context which element on what order if you’re a beginner, you don’t need to worry about it.

If you’re a professional, you might find it useful when managing intricate designs with this, and that gives you some more options when you select images, all the other ideas. Also, another cool thing is there is an excellent option if you want something to be perfection.

It is the button for the background remover, I will be showing you this one of the coolest function, and this is the brand new, this is what I showed you.

It’s excellent with designing functionality and everything. Still, it does not use this much of templates, or anything, where you can easily do for a beginner, is very experienced in Photoshop. You will be able to design ebook cover within 30 minutes or so, but if you are a beginner, I have done it. So trust me when I am saying if you are a beginner for Photoshop, you would need a powerful computer to handle the latest versions. And also, you need to have the technical capabilities to understand and use this tool.

So if you are a beginner will be a tremendous process to get started and create professional-looking book covers.

Let me scroll down so you can quickly see all the possibilities available, and also, they keep on adding these things.

So when you’re checking out this video, you might find more templates like this, you just wanted to give you show you the visual representation where they are not using one standard style and just replacing the images from the template.

Each template looks completely different. For example, you can see all these templates, two completely different guys, that you scroll a bit. So let’s see whether we can find the ending point for this. It looks like I can’t find it. I don’t want to keep this just I’m showing you how much potential option is for you. And also if you decide.

Did you like some design styles which you would like to see in a three-year futurist future process, you should come over here and click on this art icon, click here and it will automatically be added into your life design.

Then if you come over you and click on the show a little like this, it will only show you that descent so you can necessarily like make it about what we’re designing a project. Sometimes what happens with me is when I’m designing for a different client, I might find something else that interests me, but it, not be related to this project at all in that case. Still, I will do read the article can additionally easily bookmark in a later fee review.

Okay. The also given us options because I showed you, two guys, our money new templates are available, and if you try to scroll to all over that, it will take time, and you might miss it out.

So the main point of this tool is to save time and create a professional design, so there is a search button called all categories when you click over you can see it’s highlighted. It shows you the niche and theme you feel are going to design this with a particular specific mind.

You can choose it from here so it will show you only the design which is optimized for this so you can see if you want to get out of here you can either press cancel or click on all categories again, and the screen will disappear.

Let’s see if I want to design something on it since I’m doing a weight loss project now, click here. And you can see how the design is only showing you the books related to it but

Please note does not matter which niche or the theme the book comes from; we can always change all the elements in the book so we can customize it to the way we want. So it does not necessarily mean you have only to use the designs which are available on this category.

So let me click on one of these on, I’ll go with scratch, and I select one of these things, which looks reasonable. Give me a second. I’ll pick something.

Yeah, this looks good. Let’s say I’m creating an E-book for a drink option. Then I can easily replace this knee brace with the product image for the drink. As can give a background image title so I’ll show you how you can customize a different design, which was then opposite what we want the niche, then we can see how it so once you’ve selected it now, you have the option to edit everything one.

Please note this is web software, so it does not matter your computer resources. Still, it will heavily rely on the internet, so if you’re having a slow internet connection like me I have in Sri Lanka, the internet speed is most then it automatically will reduce everything.

You can control the font, either you can change the value here, or you can take it down as you want. It says this one looks better and line night. What is it you want between the text spacing what how much space you the space you wish to things within two letters of the decks you can see.

Similarly, if you want a border, you can assign a border from here transparency if we reduce the transparency, the border will be more visible. If you click here, you can see that it is the borders for the image design.

This looks kind of cool, whether it looks amateurish. So, go here, add this will show you that takes then another thing about this tool is it allows the option to do shadows for the text, images, and icon so if you want to do the shadow part for this tool, we go with you and first you need to. I believe you can see it automatically created a shadow.

It might look weird, but you have full control over it. So let me show you how you can edit it that we go into shadow first. You can reduce the opacity for the shadow, and you can even release the blur all these things until you like it can do the visual distance and sorry virtual distance and horizontally so you can customize it as you want until you like something so you can change the color for the shadow also.

So basically it offers full-text formatting and this another cool thing is you can change the colors for this section also and now really good to show you the branding aspect of this to our clean to the several colors in the logo chosen the color, you swipe come over you and click Browse. Indeed, what it will do is now it will show you all the color palettes which I created.

If I click on this branded button, you can see it applying that color into the book. If it looks weird until you’re satisfied, you can change the color from here.

So these colors all will be according to the brand color you chose. Now, whenever you design something, if you want to make sure that it’s according to the brand that we have established, you can read from here.

Another cool thing before explaining how we can replace the main lettering goes to over here; then, you would be more able to understand easily. You can even pause the video in a certain amount of time so you can see what other options available here.

See, it’s taking a bit of time to load all the text elements available, you can see john just scrolling through it to see how much element the virtual you don’t need to spend even a minute when getting a good text design can see; still, it’s going. And all these are not templatized like logo designers, because it gives a lot of options guys view.

Another cool thing is these all these tech stuff fully editable, which means if I select this, I need to click on here, we should have double click it Now it could have added two elements.

If you can resize the way you want, it will automatically stick to his dimension ratio to the nice, and also, even if you look pixelated by nine resizing as soon as I drop it, it will go to a problem, crisp design. You can resize it these all by all, you can select different elements, and this is where to duplicate it.

What these icons mean is if I’m placing this over a different element, it can be this product, but I want to show the product before these elements; in that case, I select this element, I will say, you go back a bit.

In that case, it will automatically show whatever the elements you decided. In this case, let me say I want to make this go back here. I click on it. Cool. And if I want to make it come forward, click on here, and you can see the format, and for the experts show you the layers screen now, you can see all the visual layers on all the elements appearing here.

Even you don’t need to click the recycle icon in the year today because I just deleted using the keyboard. It’s a personal habit, which came from using Photoshop for a lot of years. So it is tactfully that this tool also integrates with that keyboard delete function.

Now let’s take a look at the background section. You can see it already shows it as a background. That’s a cool thing. The use the control over the images you place about the book or the design, and it will give you the control over the background of the book. If you want a background as a stock image, you can do it here or even if you want a background, the structure you can say as a background image kind of feed rather than not focusing on

Anything you can choose if you want anything you don’t need to grab and resize all these things, click on this image, and I need to renew the upgrade it automatically you can see it towns to add that image and not only does it automatically fixed this image to this canvas, very easy. You can see you feel our know image you can upload and use it. Similarly, with other text elements, you have full control over the text option where you can select whatever the color you want to make it look the way you want.

You can see brightness is available contrast this if you’re a beginner, you won’t understand but professional designer this will be another Tuesday for you to work to get started on working. You feel the beginner what I would suggest you keep it you can play around different colors, different things. If you didn’t like one simple one are done one, you could undo, and it will go back to the old stage, or you can replace the balance to zero, and you can work around it.

That’s the way you experience and become professionals on a one to one guys; you test it out you break, try to break the rules. So do all these decrees and stuff until you find something when you do something unexpected. So finally, the results will also be surprising, so right out of it.

Similarly, you can zoom out and zoom in the oldest things I get. And if you made any changes, you want to go back to the old stage, click on the reset button, and it will go back to the old stage. So that is the image you can select for image and another cool thing you can even delete to do so without an image it will be showing you and if I want to have a different image,

You have the option to get shapes to use any a design project, icons, stock images, I can show it you guys might not be useful for everyone and not section we if you want to point out key features but undoubtedly suitable for marketing and e-commerce projects we can make a note of something and shoot this.

Pretty much that’s basically with the design element now and show you the social media and eCommerce model.

Before that, I would have to explain the pages, sorry, but all these other things will be saved only the difference will be on toast model instead of ebook design template now it will show you the designs for that kind of promotion design types.

I’ll show you before that let me the main reason which I like the e-commerce ebook designer is. It not only helps you to design one single element at a time, but you can also create an entire ebook, Kindle author, you don’t need to have a professional designer to make your book look good.

If you are creating an E-book to give away to your website, readers or subscribers, you can design a three to five-page ebooks virtually from here. You need to worry about the text; all these things are available here.

So but there is some negativity, which I have noticed, I want to be sure these books are not text-based, which means you only be able to search function at this moment. I’ll show you once I exported a book so you can see what I’m talking about, but it will be lighting, different images automatically still stitched together in a book format. So I wanted to show you the main purpose of this video.

I wanted to show you the best of it, but I also want to show you all the negatives of the truth, though Okay, now either you can grab this image or we can design some scratch now and show you something cool.

How the elements you would recover for marketing and e-commerce purpose guys. It shows that the design on youtube facebook, income product listing, Instagram, Google ads, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, General marketing, and eCommerce designs.

If you require advanced graphics, I wouldn’t recommend this over a professional designer. Let’s say it click here. You can see I can edit all these things.

Select the cover that will be the weird bouquet you ever have seen the table of content and the back cover, and let’s see we are descended the only book. Now, if I click save, I can give a title name for this blog for the organization’s purpose.

It’s always an excellent option to save everything while you’re working on it as we this is done on the server, we never know what’s going to go wrong.

Okay, we can see social media marketing, it takes one step further where it gives you all options on different social media marketing where you can select any of these you’d want.

Let’s say, for example, I want to create an Instagram story ad click here. And similarly, all these things will be the same pages layers; everything is identical. The only difference is the template styles available, and we choose for optimized Instagram story ads and automatically fit, for example, take a Black Friday.

And also, another cool thing I liked about this, and if you go over to smart race ice, and you have to design an Instagram story, let’s say, for example, I want this to as a standard advert to use it in Facebook as well.

I don’t want to redesign anything, click on here. It is asking whether Do you want to replace the current one or you do want it to separate. I’ll click on the present I have already downloaded, say, for example, and click Save and resize.

Now it will automatically try to use this design to fit into the Facebook ad guys; you can see how cool is that. Now you can make any fine-tuning if you want based on your requirement, and your marketing designs will little save all your marketing campaigns that thought I wanted to show you, so there is this template option as well as the option to optimize it further. Let me go into the dashboard let me show you the other stuff quickly.

Now, eCommerce also seeing where it gives us various size options, and you can see all these things if I click any of these things and it is like thank you for your product listing This is we are mostly be using the cops Be it not focused on a badness on of engagement towards your audience. This sections main focus is promotion promotion promotion, does not matter services does not matter as a product. These templates are designed specifically to promote your products.

So you can see all these examples it shows that the product that saved guys now it is the coolest function and it takes not a mandatory food for the birds. It’s a great texture and functionality. Let me open up the E-book which I created.

I have used stencil it does not have a background to move it I am using Photoshop they are magic dot one-click tool it’s not perfect you can see for yourself just take me just and put magic and click Delete you would know the background is like kind of like not cut perfectly you need advanced optimization scheme to make it look smooth as possible.

I love functions. I even know what it does because I have never used it because it’s easily able to remove background from an image.

Simple as that guys. If you want to download this image for a person, an image I would recommend is a blank canvas where you don’t have any background and insert this image and get it done.

Glorify app is fully versatile; it’s good for anyone who wants to create their graphic design; they need to get something designed quickly and easily.

All the advice I have shown you the walkthrough demo.

Now you can use that to make your own informed decision, and so I’m giving it to you guys to make a decision.

Once again, thank you so much, and have a great day.

How to Design Book Cover with GlorifyApp

Ebook Cover Creator Online Software App - No Design Skills Required

First, let me ask you, do you want to create ebook designs like this for your book?

If your answer is yes, then watch this video, I’ll explain it to you how you can design it without any design experience at all.

In this video, I’ll be showing you how you can design your own book cover without any design experience.

Even a beginner can do it, and you will be able to do it less than five minutes, I will be showing you how you can design your front cover, table of content, sections titles, one column content page, two-column content, call to action & back cover.

Instead, there will be hundreds of templates where you can pick and choose whatever the design you want for your perfect book, and finally, I will also show you how you can export this book design into a PDF document.

So let’s get started.

Hi, I am Alston.

First, thank you so much for checking out this video.

Before I go into how you can design your book cover, if you like videos like this and you would love to get more videos that I release in the future, please consider subscribing to our channel.

This is the tool that I’m talking about which allows you to create ebook designs within five minutes without requiring any graphical knowledge or technical knowledge even a beginner can do it from just watching this video and make only a point.

This tool not only gives you the option to create a book cover, but it also gives this option to create marketing images, social media graphics, and all other kinds of designs.

I’m not covering other types here. If you want to see all those things also you can create on your own without any graphic designer or without even investing so much money into your project, click on the link on the description there you can see more details on it.

Now let me directly go into the ebook creator so you can see how it will work and how it allows you to create designs without any technical knowledge. You can see one side click there.

This is the primary designing tool where you need to go if you want to design a book, then the ideal position would be from the front cover.

Let’s say, for example, if you want to be for a back cover, then you can choose the back cover and start. Now let me click on from the front cover.

There are over 100 plus templates.

You can design your ebook; you see it is still going, and they’re always adding a lot more templates guys.

So let’s say, for example, you want to design an Ebook cover for you, you don’t have any ideas at all. You come you just browse through it until you get an idea guys. If you find something, You like all you need to do is click on it, and it will automatically load that design template inside the working screen.

There is no technical knowledge involved, all you need to do is double click on the text and type whatever you text you want first the book colored and similarly all the editable textbook.

The cool thing is not only you can use any text you add the full formatting control guys you can see you can change the text style for the chosen text.

You can change the color from here let me select a different color so I can show it your way it works.

If you go over your background, you control the background of this book.

Now I can change the effects for this image by coming here, and I’ll click on various this, and it will automatically change the effect for the image.

I also can reposition the image so too much better.

I wanted to show you with this tool; you can add text automatically comes with designed elements guys, you can see all these things are available.

There is full control is over to you guys.

In the third option, they give the full control over the background you want to use. So let me show you I can even add a color for the background if I want.

In the fourth tab, they give full element access for you can add stock images, you can add icons, you can add shapes, you can add all sorts of the elements of this crazy idea in your book, you don’t need to leave this tool to find all these elements.

If you find something, let’s say, for example, you found a great looking stock image, but you don’t want to use this background.

All you need to do is come here select the image, you can do this for your stock image and as well for uploaded image you are uploading into the system where you can do it by coming here which means that BG remover it will automatically you don’t need I can remove the background just within a few seconds let me show you earlier live example.

Let’s wait for it load, and it will automatically try to identify and remove the background on its own I didn’t do anything you can see how the original look and now what is the result.

Now I click done and it automatically removes the background for me to use into the design you can see how the background will be gone, and I can use this the I want so you can see how the design potential available here.

I wanted to explain it and now explain to you how you can create an entire book here, guys. Let’s see. For example, let me start with a new template. I delete my old one; this is a blank page.

Just let me pick one of these designs, which I think looks cool. Yeah, let me select this.

Now let’s see I want to create the table of contents page, select a new one. The same goes for the design set inside the select the table of content.

Now for your second page is automatically designed guys, except for the sake of the video. I also would like to skip the middle pages. You can do that column pages all the text pages you can do it, but lets for the example sake, I want to add a back cover as well.

That’s it, guys. When you do that, I click on it so I can show you the real example also what I’ve done, it will automatically generate using all the designs you’ve done just by drag and drop.

It will create an excellent ebook automatically combining all these pages into one single PDF document.

Okay, before I forget, I just wanted to give you one quicker, awesome app hack from this tool where it not only help you to create the ebook, but it also helps you to generate all of the marketing graphics.

It not only does that, but a lot does a lot more if you want to see a full walkthrough, then I leave the link on the description and as well as I’ll be showing the video when this video finishes on the suggested video.

Once again, thank you so much for watching this video, and I hope it was useful, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys in another great video. Thank you

How to Remove Background from Image

Fastest Way to Remove Background From Image Online in 1 Click

What if I told you, you could remove a background from any image with just one mouse click and under five seconds?

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not anymore.

I’ll show you how to do it in this video.

Hi, I’m Alston.

I’ll be using a tool called glorifyapp to remove background from image.

Let me now show you how you can remove background out of any image within five seconds with just one click and no technical expertise.

Come to this tool dashboard and select whatever the size you want. You can remove the background by searching for the stock image inside the tool, or even if you have your image, you can do that by uploading here.

Okay, now, first, let me show you how you can remove background from a couple of stock images from here, there is an option to search copyright free stock images from this tool.

Let me select this image where you can see the background; it’s a bit complicated.

Let me show you how we can do it.

Let me go here. I’m making my first click, and it should now open up the pop-up. I am not doing anything is guys, and it has cut images.

So you can see how clean it has cut the image there are no problems, everything looks perfect guys.

Yeah. Now just if I want the image, all you need to do is click on Done.

If you want to see a full review walkthrough of the tool, I’ll leave a link in the description as well as the ending of the video. If you want, you can check it out.

So if you want to want to like to remove backgrounds like this, check out the tool, which I’ll link in the description below, and it’s on lifetime deal with crazy discount, you can check it out.

Once again, thank you so much for this watching this video. And I hope you have a great day. Bye

Show more information

  • Pick a template from our ever-growing library
  • Add your product to the chosen template
  • Brand it with your own custom color palette
  • Edit text and select any desired font
  • Add a background and use effects to make it just right!

Glorify App Pros

  • Amazing template collection.
  • Full-fledged book designer from the front cover, middle pages, and back cover.
  • Amazing Icons collection to use.
  • Easy to get started for beginners.
  • It does not use your local PC resources.
  • It’s currently on a discount deal with the refund policy.

Glorify App Cons

  • Fundamental logo designer module.
  • Sometimes while downloading big files or pages, it tends to take 20-30 secs.
  • It does not offer a Free plan to try.
  • A new tool that is in development.

Would you recommend getting the icons extra?

The pros I can see are:
It has a great library of stuff, and it’s sold separately at 19.90$ a month at (you can check what kind of stock they offer), and it’s included in for one-time price here.

Also, I loved the models feature, which is included. Refer to 41:41 in the video where I have shown it. It’s excellent addon if you are creating a series of designs based on the same models but doing different things and different positions.

The upgrade also includes BG remover credit, where it’s doubled for each month, and it gives more users too.

I would not suggest getting if:
You already have a good subscription for a premium stock or icon library.
Also, if you don’t require additional credits or users, you just going use personal use.

My personal recommending after seeing the value of the tool I would invest in it.


It’s an easy graphic design tool for beginners and professionals to create amazing designs quickly.

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