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Do you struggle to keep bots and spam away from your WordPress website?

If so, Human Presence is the perfect solution for you.

It’s simple to use, requires no coding, and provides the best spam protection available. With Human Presence, you can ensure that only humans have access to your WordPress website, protecting it from bots, malicious attackers, and other unwanted visitors.

Stop wasting time trying to figure out complicated coding solutions and start using Human Presence today!


Form Spam & Bot Protection

The Human Presence plugin for WordPress is a useful tool for enhancing the security of forms on WordPress websites.

It allows users to quickly and easily protect their forms from malicious attacks by adding an extra layer of verification with just a few clicks. This helps to ensure that only legitimate users can access and submit forms, making it easier to protect sensitive information and data.

Invisible Defense

Human Presence is a revolutionary new way to protect your web forms from spam and bots without the need for users to fill out a ReCaptcha.

With Human Presence, website visitors will never even know that their presence is being verified and will be able to access your forms without any extra steps, resulting in a seamless user experience.


Human Presence is designed to be compatible with WordPress’s most widely used themes, plugins, and apps, as well as managed WordPress hosting providers. This ensures that users have the ability to take advantage of the latest WordPress features with minimal effort.

Comprehensive Technical Support

This feature is useful because it allows users to quickly and easily get help with any issue they may be experiencing.

The friendly support team and technical documentation provide users with the necessary resources to troubleshoot and solve their problems, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to resolve them.


What is the Human Presence plugin?

The Human Presence plugin is a tool for protecting web forms from spam and bots on WordPress.

Does the Human Presence plugin use Recaptcha?

No, the Human Presence plugin does not use Recaptcha.

Will website visitors be able to see the Human Presence plugin?

No, the Human Presence plugin is invisible to website visitors.

Is the Human Presence plugin compatible with popular WordPress themes and plugins?

Yes, the Human Presence plugin is compatible with WordPress’s most popular themes, plugins, and apps.

Is there support available for the Human Presence plugin?

Yes, there is a friendly support team and technical documentation available to solve any problems with the Human Presence plugin.


In conclusion, the Human Presence plugin is an effective solution for protecting web forms from spam and bots on WordPress.

It does not require the use of Recaptcha, is invisible to website visitors, and is compatible with the most popular WordPress themes, plugins, and apps. Additionally, there is friendly customer support available for any issues.

Those looking for an easy, convenient way to protect their web forms from bots should definitely consider the Human Presence plugin!

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