JumpStory Lifetime Deal
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JumpStory Lifetime Deal

Huge library with 25,000,000+ real and authentic images, videos, illustrations, and vectors with an in-built Photo Editing Suite.
Expired May 5, 2021
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JumpStory Lifetime Deal

JumpStory contains a copyright-free photo, image, illustration, icons or video for your next marketing advertisements, blogpost, web development, etc.

25 million photos, videos, icons and vectors to choose from & with unlimited downloads!

Highlights (TL;DR):

Search & download millions of great & authentic-looking photos, videos, illustrations, vectors, and icons.

Use the AI tool to remove background in just seconds.

Crop images, insert text, adjust contrast, insert your own logo & more using the Image Editor.

Select from hundreds of categories & collections to make your search easier.

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Jumpstory Review - Millions of CC0 Images, Videos, Icons & Vectors

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JumpStory Explained

JumpStory is a library with over 15 million high-quality photos, illustrations, and videos that uses AI to support you in finding just what you’re looking for in seconds.

You read, right. 15+ million stunning images that you can use to beautify your site, website, emails, social media, ASMR YouTube channel-you name it!

JumpStory gives you unlimited access to its best of the most significant assortment of photos, illustrations, and videos. There’s from your traditional stock imagery to unique photographs that you won’t find anywhere else.

And JumpStory adds a large number of new images to its ever-growing library daily, so you’re never out of fresh content.

Whether it’s for personal or commercial use, there’s no limit to the amount of downloads. Snag it once, use forever, with no restrictions!

Life’s short. You can’t afford to waste non-billable hours scrolling through pages and pages of cringy stock photos to realize that one perfect shot. (E.g. woman working on Mac laptop computer drinking coffee against a cozy coffeehouse backdrop.)

With JumpStory’s TextMatch tool, you don’t find the images, the images find you.

Just copy and paste your phrase or text, watching it deliver precisely what you were looking for in seconds. Creepy? Or convenient?

No, it’s not magic. It’s the intuitive quick-search function that uses AI to automatically narrow down your search and match your text with relevant images.

With regards to buying on Craigslist, back-of-the-fridge leftovers, and blind dates, it’s best to choose your gut.

However, when it involves your articles, it’s better to go with what you know (will succeed).

That’s where JumpStory’s HighJumper feature will come in.

Backed by mountains of data and social media stats, HighJumper uses an algorithm that scans all 15+ million images in the database and selects the top-performers-quite literally-right before your eyes.

It’s nothing like you haven’t tried, but Photoshop isn’t your forte.

With JumpStory’s built-in editing tool, it’s easy to edit images like the pro designer you always wished to be.

Crop, flip it and reverse it-and even change the colors or take away the background in a few easy clicks.


  • Contains amateur and pro stock photos
  • It is not an exclusive library; instead, it curates all CC0 images.
  • You can use the stock for marketing, social media, web development, etc.
  • Search help is a great addon to find images that you are unable to find.
  • Love both image alignment orientation and color filters.
  • Ability to export stock, which is optimized for the web.
  • One-click background remover for stock photos.
  • It has excellent image editor functionality.
  • Music stock is coming up soon.


  • The search function is basic, and the stocks have not tagged correctly.
  • The stock image collection is big, but other stocks such as icons, vectors, videos are not complete.
  • Stock related search is not accurate all the time.
  • Unable to edit images without adding to the archive.

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