Livapp Lifetime Deal
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Livapp Lifetime Deal

Broadcast live like a pro wherever you are, with easy embeds, logos, and clips.
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Livapp Lifetime Deal

Livapp allows you to embed content in your video and broadcast it live via a mobile app.

With LivApp, you can effortlessly broadcast live streams with embedded content on Facebook, YouTube, and your website.

Just drag-and-drop your slides and logos on the Livapp platform and then manage them during the live stream via mobile app.

Highlights (TL;DR):

Manage logos, names of speakers, and slides with one click, plus easily navigate inlay content

Manage slide presentations from another phone with the remote feature, and capture highlights in the form of mini clips

Alternative to: Livestream

Best for: Keynote speakers and remote teams looking for an easy solution to broadcast their content live with inlays

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What’s included in this deal:

  • 5 accounts
  • Every platform destination (FB, YouTube, RTMP)
  • All types of inlays: presentations, logos, names of presenters
  • Remote functionality
  • No watermark
  • Custom branding
  • Local saving mode

Get lifetime access for just $99 one-time payment.

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