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Mockplus RP is a rapid online prototyping tool to create, test and share web or app prototypes. 

It helps to create all levels of visual designs, from sketches, and wireframes to interactive prototypes that work like real things, co-design with your team anytime and anywhere, and preview and test out your prototypes in real devices, all without code.

Mockplus RP makes wireframing and prototyping super fast and easy for everyone! 

Best for UX designers, product managers, and any people who don’t have any design skills! 


  • Premade widget and template libraries – 3000 + premade templates, UI kits, and widgets in different styles and themes make it easy to present any ideas quickly. No need to start from scratch.
  • Pre-built interactions and motions – Animate your web and app prototypes with lifelike interactions, animations, transitions and mobile gestures, all with drag-and-drop actions. 
  • Axure file integration – Start with existing Axure files. Import files in one click, and all file interactions and details would become editable for further collaboration and handoff. 
  • Real-time team prototyping – users can easily invite partners to the same project, co-edit it together, and gather first-hand feedback, all within one place.
  • Short learning curve – its drag-and-drop editor makes it super easy for anyone, even without any design skills, to quickly get started and create their own prototypes with ease and fidelity. 
  • Cost-effective – it provides a free-forever plan for everyone to fully explore all of its exclusive features before making any purchase.

Ever-growing widget libraries are easy for fast wireframing and prototyping

Mockplus 3000 Elements

Mockplus RP is built with a full set of UI widget libraries for Web, iOS, Android, Material Design, Ant design, Bootstrap and many more themes, bringing rich design variants and styles for users to present any wireframe or prototype ideas quickly. All can be done with drag-and-drop. There are still far more widget libraries on the way.

Share design assets across teams for consistency

With Mockplus RP, you can create, save and share design assets across teams or within the whole company for keeping design consistency. 

Fully integrate with Axure files

If you reply on Axure to prototype ideas, don’t worry! Mockplus RP fully integrates with Axure, and helps to convert 95% of your interactions and design details. So, once you’ve imported an Axure file in one click, you can immediately co-edit on it, and smoothly move to the next step, like sharing, getting feedback, and delivering developer handoffs, all via a single link. 


Whether you’re looking for a fast wireframing or prototyping tool, Mockplus RP is your perfect option to visualize, test and iterate any of your web or app ideas with ease and efficiency. Your whole team can collaborate on the same project in real-time. 

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