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MonsterWriter Lifetime Deal
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MonsterWriter Lifetime Deal

App to Write a Thesis or Article
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MonsterWriter Lifetime Deal

MonsterWriter simplifies the creating and editing your thesis or paper simple and enjoyable. Simply concentrate on the content and the structure of your document and MonsterWriter handles the final design for you. With MonsterWriter, you can write large documents quickly. If you’re writing huge documents, it’s super speedy.

Contrary to other markdown and solution editors, MonsterWriter provides features for complicated content. (InlineInline) formulas, footnotes bibliography tables of contents captions, equations, and much many more.

It can also be exported in Pdf, LaTeX, HTML, Markdown as well as any other formats you prefer. No reformatting required! It is not necessary to learn complicated software… Its goal is to be extremely intuitive to use for articles as well as scholars’ texts.

MonsterWriter Highlights

  • Citations, with or without Zotero integration
  • Cross-References to tables, sections Diagrams, figures Code blocks, equations, and code
  • Footnotes
  • Table of Contents that are always up-to-date
  • Up-to-date bibliography
  • Inline LaTeX equations
  • LaTeX equation blocks that have an optional caption
  • Images that come with an optional caption
  • Tables that have an optional caption
  • Code blocks that can be accompanied by an optional caption
  • Diagrams that have an additional description (Mermaid Based)
  • Ordered/unordered lists
  • Bold, bold underlined, hyperlinked and bold text
  • Export to LaTeX file and for randomization
  • Reviews

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